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  • by Brian Campbell on Jun 06, 2021

    Yo what's up bro...ay look I know u already in the loop right n I kinda feel like gudda buckin so look tell him if that's the case that's crazy cuz that's sumthin light compared to what was coming why fuck up a guaranteed money train he put that on the set and his kids. Maybe I'm tripping but just wild I ain't heard nothing from him since then got that message yesterday. Tell him if he going that route then fuck it it is what it is but tell em at least make sure my ppls in b4 strait cuz they been blowing me up n already sent money. I showed mad love and ain't getting that love back I feel like see what's up n shoot me a email so I can at least know what to tell my other ppls that's been waiting y'all keep y'all head up

  • by lonnie stokes on May 23, 2021

    i don't have access

    Response by Sam Samuels on May 24, 2021

    So you mean that website is down??? I'll let my homie know. I'll hit you up in the AM.

  • by lonnie stokes on May 23, 2021

    how can i move forward heard a lot of good things from Friday kuzo looking for more info

    Response by Sam Samuels on May 23, 2021

    Nice to hear it! I'm gonna email you the details so we don't talk so open on the wall. I can respond to you quickly here and you already know. Was wondering what happened. Hey, what do my emails look like?

  • by Brian Campbell on May 22, 2021

    Ay k.p. got word from u last night over in b2 he said contact him thru me cuz I be talking to him on a reg. I ain't Gon lie bro I been on the move since I been out so it be kinda hard for me to do some of the shit u asking bout but I'm chilling today so lmk if u need me to try something

    Response by Sam Samuels on May 22, 2021

    Alright, was worried that you dipped out on me already. Tell KP that I didn't even know he was still here until last night. I sent word for him to get back on the grind. We have mad work to do. I found a few sites for us to work on. For one, do you know how to use a video downloaded program? You can go to the app store and find it. Simply, put a website like YouTube and it will download the video for offline viewing. We need to do that with some videos as I can't access the videos myself. But we need to put them somewhere. So, you would download and save and give me the link to where you saved it. Get it? I believe drop box has a free account and you can download the app to make it easier. But I don't know how much storage space they give you. So, here's the deal: go to the app store and get the DropBox app. Setup a free account. Setup a public folder and name it public videos. Then, go to the App store again and download the Video Downloaded program to your phone. Once that's done, find a pornhub video of Sarah Jay and download it to your Dropbox folder. Then give me the link. Can you do that? The first time will be hard, but after that you should know exactly how to do it. Did you call dude through the WhatsApp for me? I sent you the info. Keep your head up. Much Respect and Amor!

  • by Brian Campbell on May 20, 2021

    Nah I keep emailing u back on the reg email but look let me know what u need done keep it simple tho one thing at a time n imma try to knock it out I got alot of shit jumping out here so I been busy past couple days moving and shit but u already know. Keep your head up bro

    Response by Sam Samuels on May 20, 2021

    I can't accept email response from this email that I send you. But I understand. I got a new wave that I need you to take care of quick. My homie needs to contact someone on the outs and needs it to be a secure message. I'll email you the details. And can you do a Google search? Google search: Google gadgets XML chat. You're looking for chat gadgets with a link that ends with XML. Stay on the grind.

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