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B4C 2N2

Known for her ability to deliver highly effective and challenging workouts while making them feel enjoyable, this former elite fitness and bodybuilding competitor is an experienced Personal Trainer with a proven record of getting results! In addition to Personal Training and several other certifications and training through a number of professional organizations, Renita is a success story herself and continues to inspire and motivate everyone she meets! When you make a commitment and focus your mind on any endeavor, anything is possible. Being fit can make you feel alive and take you beyond your wildest dreams. Anybody, given the proper guidance, motivation and support can achieve anything they put their mind to! I couldn’t ask for a better career, I can’t imagine doing anything else! The feeling of knowing I’ve helped someone else. That’s about as rewarding as it gets! I am passionate about helping others achieve overall better health and fitness. When working with individuals and groups I’m so thankful for having the chance to do what I really love; to connect with people through exercise and nutrition. We all want to feel better about something and it can all start with you feeling good about yourself. Fitness and good nutrition have a huge impact on how we feel and that can transfer to our thoughts and choices we make in life. The satisfaction I get seeing people progress toward and then exceed their personal goals surrounding health and wellness is huge for me. It pains me to see so many people struggling with things like weight, fat and chronic low energy. It’s a choice and I’m happy to be the conduit for healthy choices people are making. I love working privately in the comfort of my client’s home – or with small groups to adapt movement to suit a person’s specific needs for optimum results.

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About Me


  • Post Secondary Certificate
  • Business & Entrepreneurship, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Certifications / Trainings

canfitpro - Nutrition & Wellness Specialist (NWS)
NSFA - Group Fitness Leadership Certification
Agency Unavailable
NSFA - Resistence
Agency Unavailable

CPR Certified

A-B-CPR & First Aid/AED
Expires: 2016-09-27 07:00:00 UTC
A-B-CPR and First Aid AED
Agency Unavailable
life saving society
Agency Unavailable

AED Certified

Lifesaving Society
Agency Unavailable
Expires: 2016-09-27 07:00:00 UTC

Liability Insurance

  • Stevenson & Hunt

Renita's Locations

Results Personal Training

Within 25.00 miles of B4C 2N2 (Mobile Training Radius)

Results Personal training

Within 25.00 miles of B4C 2N2 (Mobile Training Radius)

Additional Information


$75.00 / hr, Full in home mobile personal training and nutrition service/post injury rehabilitation

Payment Methods

Cash , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

Years Experience


Awards & Accomplishments

  • Bodybuilding 1st Place Lightweight Nova Scotia
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award of the Year
  • Bodybuilding 1st Place Atlantic Canada
  • Bodybuilding 2nd Place Womens Masters NSABBA
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Award of the Year
  • Bodybuilding 1st Place Atlantic Canada
  • Bodybuilding 2nd Place Womens Masters NSABBA
  • Bodybuilding 1st Place Womens Masters ACABBA
  • Entreprenuer of the Year 2014
  • Currently planning on educating the public on Head Injury
  • Member BIANS

Languages Spoken

English , French , Spanish



45 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Kelly B on May 01, 2016

    I was looking for a personal trainer because I didn't have the skills, knowledge or self discipline to achieve the results I wanted on my own. My first meeting with Renita I immediately knew that she was the one. She made me feel like I was already successful just by taking the step to meet her. I have a social phobia so the gym was not an option. Renita coming to my home made all the difference in my being able to achieve my goals.

    Anyone who knows Renita knows that the only thing small about her is her size. Her heart, personality, drive, passion, motivation, positive attitude, genuine concern and determination for her clients success is beyond measure. She is sweet but tough, she's encouraging and holds you accountable. These traits are what makes her in my opinion, unique.

    I'm very pleased with the results I have achieved thus far, I'm still a work in progress. So with tummy in, shoulders back, knees slightly bent and one more for a" Kelly set" I know I will be successful with Renita Collier.

    Congratulations Renita on your much deserved nomination!


  • by giacomo Bruno on May 01, 2016

    It’s easy to understand how one can feel the excitement and the anxiety when it comes to self-employment. Since 2005, I’ve ridden the roller coaster ride that is entrepreneurship and with mixed emotions, I can say that it’s been one of the most exciting, interesting and challenging times in my life. There are few certainties that come with being an entrepreneur, and quite often, those that do, aren’t typically favorable. When asked by individuals about whether I would recommend or suggest that they take the path of entrepreneurship by starting a business, I strongly encourage them to turn away. While such a response may seem somewhat suspect, especially coming from someone who himself has followed the entrepreneurial path, it’s really not. Any “true” entrepreneur would laugh in the face of a challenge and find a way to make it happen- no matter what. Renita Collier is one such individual. With years of experience, knowledge and confidence under her belt, Renita too chose the path less traveled and ventured off to do what she wanted to do- be her own boss. Fortunately, for Renita and for her current and future clients, she did this with confidence, with a plan and with “guns a blazing”. Renita made sure that she was out there, attending numerous networking events, joining business groups and participating in and attending events. She approached people, talked about her business, her successes, shared her expertise and invited those same individuals to give her business try. Renita created a strong marketing campaign including an informative website, a recognizable logo that itself speaks volumes, strengthened her brand awareness by making sure that she was recognized as the face of Results Personal Training. She continues to share her personal and is eager to help others rewrite theirs. Coincidentally, I am one of those individuals whose story Retina is helping to “re-shape”. For years, I attempted to reach my fitness goals by visiting the gym and watching what the other guys were doing - only to realize that what I was doing was wrong and I was getting anywhere. I followed the directions on the equipment but failed to realize there was way more to getting in shape then by imitating others or following a diagram. Fast forward to present day and following a great conversation with an experienced and results driven Personal Trainer, (Renita of course), and I'm already on my way towards success. In just a few one-on-one training exercises, Renita set me in the right direction and I am already starting to feel (and see) the difference. Renita organized a training plan, discussed nutrition, provided lots of encouragement and made every minute- fun! I salute Renita, congratulate her on her nomination and look forward to years of great fitness health thanks to her- my coach!
    Giacomo Bruno

  • by Kaitlyn Vincent on Nov 27, 2014

    I would strongly recommend Renita Collier. My name is Kaitlyn, and I suffer from Agoraphobia. For those of you who aren't educated on this issue, Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder is when a feeling of anxiety does not go away and tends to grow worse over time. One type of anxiety disorder is a panic disorder, where panic attacks, sudden feelings of terror, can occur without warning. Therapists who treat Agoraphobia are often able to offer initial treatment that means that a person with Agoraphobia doesn't need to meet them in their office. They could take sessions over the phone or via email, they could conduct a home visit or they could arrange to meet in a place considered to be safe.
    I found Renita on the internet and began emailing her November 2012. I was off work on stress leave due to my anxiety. I was amazed at her patience! My emails, questions, complaints and inquiry's continued until spring 2013. I am so grateful this women didn't give up on me! I know I was a huge pain in the butt, Renita just never gave up on me. People have no idea how life is with this illness! Renita was so positive! So encouraging! Years of therapy and numerous medications...I used to tease her. I'd tell her she was in the wrong business, my Psycholologist was costing me 170$ an hour and all I could think about was: Why can't she just be more like Renita...I must say, if you think there's no hope for you-call Renita! Anyone who knows about anxiety and depression, weight gain goes hand-in-hand. Renita told me (give me four weeks) (I guarantee I will change your life) She did! I was also going through menopause and my body was falling apart fast! I am thankful to Renita for being the best support system, never giving up on me, constant support system, positive re-enforcement and accountability! I am 55 years old and I am in the best shape (mentally and physically) I've ever been in my life. I actually went on vacation and wore a BIKINI!!!!!!! Yessssss I highly recommend anyone who has struggled with weight or self esteem, it will be the best decision you can make!

  • by Lisa Ryan on Apr 09, 2014

    I myself, like dozens of us who are posting our own personal stories and testimonials highly recommend Renita! I do procrastinate and regret not posting this testimonial sooner. Along with many others I see who have given theirs, attended Renita's Boot Camps in the spring and early summer prior to her car accident. I have learned of Renita's nomination for "Entrepreneur of the year". Let me tell you,she deserves it! What motivated me the most was Renita's enthusiasm and passion for helping others. I am in my late forties and really didn't have a lot of hope of ever getting into shape. When I learned Renita was actually older than me, I was blown away! She's a tiny little thing but she is mighty! I could only hope to be in her shape when I'm her age. I am first in line when she is able to do the Boot Camps again! Thank you so much for everything Renita, I hope you win the award you really deserve it! If there is anything I can do for you Renita, please let me know! Get better soon we need ya :-)


    Lisa Ryan

  • by Jacklyn Romans on Dec 23, 2013

    Absolutely recommend Renita Collier! I reached all my personal goals, feel and look fantastic! I couldn't get to the gym all the time. Having Renita come to my home and keep me accountable was very valuable to me. She kept me motivated and inspired me to be the best version of me! The support she gave me was invaluable! It's one thing for someone to tell you what you should do, Renita was with me every step of the way! I am telling you, if you are serious about making a change for the better ...Renita will make it happen! Thank you so much Renita! xoxoxoxo

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