Patrick Adamek

HAWI, HI 96719

Patrick Adamek was recognized as the "Best Fitness Instructor" two years in a row (2011 and 2012) by the North Hawaii News on the Big Island of Hawaii as a result of his remarkable work in the health & fitness industries. Throughout his brilliant professional career of over 30 years, Patrick has consistently displayed the passion, vision, and dedication necessary to be successful in the business world. Patrick Adamek is the owner of FITNESS MATTERS - A Personal Training Studio LLC (the 2013 recipient of "BEST FITNESS STUDIO" in North Hawaii Award) and since retiring his Personal Trainer role in 2012 continues to serve the needs of his clients in a consulting capacity. As a consultant he continues to help each client reach their fitness goals in the same manner he always has -- by listening to each client as an individual and creating a personalized fitness regimen for each person and by maintaining his dedication to his clients, as individuals, first and foremost. Patrick has over 20 years of experience in fitness training and, along with his certification by the American Counsel on Exercise, possesses the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to address every fitness need regardless of the client’s current level of fitness. Patrick creates programs for each client to meet the needs of each and every individual which may include: strength training, toning and maintaining strength, balance and flexibility training, lifestyle and weight management, nutritional timing, and cardio training as well as activity specific training and preparation. In addition, Patrick will, and has, worked with Physicians and Physical Therapists to design programs that complement existing treatments for chronic issues as well as recovery from injuries or surgeries. Patrick opened his FITNESS MATTERS Personal Traning Studio in June 2005 and continues to provide nothing but the best in location, equipment, comfort, and individually designed programs. The FITNESS MATTERS Personal Training Studio is located less than a mile makai of historical Hawi Town on the Big Island of Hawaii and is situated less than 1000 ft. from the ocean providing unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean along with the Island of Maui 26 miles away. Evidenced by utilizing state of the art CYBEX weight machines as well as the CYBEX 750AT ARC TRAINER and the top of the line free weights, the focus is always on the client. Whatever the fitness needs are the FITNESS MATTERS facility is capable of addressing. Beautifully maintained and private, FITNESS MATTERS has an ideal environment that’s designed for the comfort of the client. One could call FITNESS MATTERS LLC a “Boutique Fitness Studio” if there ever was such a thing. Patrick Adamek has maintained a consistent following since opening FITNESS MATTERS and has never failed to enhance each and every client’s health and feeling of well-being. As a testimonial to support the positive impact and benefits experienced by both former and current client alike Patrick is continually recognized as the Best Fitness Instructor in North Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii. Patrick is a current member of the Idea Health and Fitness Association, American Council on Exercise as well as a proud member of the Harley Davidson Owners Group, and has been a member of the Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association since 1986.

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  • AS, -Physical & Health Education/art, Colorado Mountain College
  • AS, -Physical & Health Education/art, Colorado Mountain College

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ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Nov 30, 2015
ACE - Senior Fitness Specialist
Not Verified

CPR Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Apr 25, 2016

AED Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Apr 25, 2016

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55-280 Hoea Rd
HAWI, HI 96719

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$80.00 / hr, Base fee $80/hr (discounts for multiple session contracts and for Kamaaina) Consulting fee: $100 hr

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  • Best Fitness Instructor in North Hawaii 2012
  • Best Fitness Instructor in North Hawaii 2013
  • Best Fitness Studio in North Hawaii 2013

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  • by Jennifer Whitley on May 08, 2015

    Pat is my "fitness guru", most trusted fitness adviser!
    I have had the pleasure of working with him for almost 4 years. After abusing my joints flying long hauls for decades, I had developed weakness in most of my joints, specifically wrist, knees and ankles. The activities I enjoyed the most, gardening, yoga and cooking became tedious. (Yes, cooking! There is a lot of knife work that is usually preformed quickly).
    I was also osteopenia, which concerned me that I would have an issue in the future breaking one of my precious little bones. I did not realize that I was developing a "dowarges hump" in my upper back until I had been working with Pat and noticed how straight my posture became and my shoulders were no longer falling forward.
    He is spot one with the advise and encouragement. I always feel that I have had the BEST workout and my body happy to be in the position evolution dictates: upright! I am only 5'3", so upright is a good thing!
    Pat has been tremendous in helping me gain a bit of weight too. Understanding which foods are better to have prior to my workout and the food my body needs post work out. We discuss nutrition as a integral part of the whole body fitness.
    I could go on, Pat knows how much he means to me and how helpful he has been on so many levels of the overall fitness program.
    It is fortunate for North Kohala to have a Personal Trainer in our neck of the woods with the skill which Pat shares.
    With gratitude and aloha, Jennifer Whitley

  • by Sharron Blanchette on Aug 15, 2013

    I have worked with Pat for over 5 years and have found him to be a true Master of his profession. Thanks to Pat, I have gotten in to the best shape I've been in years and feel healthy! I've lost 24 lbs to boot! I am not as self motivating as some lucky people when it comes to directing my own routine exercise and found him to be a true coach full of encouragement, knowledge and support. He has an optimistic, good natured personality so I always feel better after a workout. And believe me, it is a workout! I need a good kick in the Tushie once in a while and he is a Master with that too. Lucky to have him in the community. He comes with excellent recommendations from me!
    Plan to stay at Fitness Matters as long as he will have me!
    Sharron Blanchettte

  • by Mary Ann Baron on May 04, 2013

    My daughter sent me a gift certificate for 6 workout sessions with Pat. She knew that I would probably never get around to working out on my own, and she was right. Among other things, I was looking for relief from chronic neck and shoulder pain. After my first session with Pat, I honestly felt stronger and straighter than I had in a long time. That was in June 2010. As a gift to myself, I continued to work with Pat until a recent job change. Although my current work schedule does not allow me to go to the Fitness Matters studio, I hope to resume my sessions there soon. What I like most about Fitness Matters is that Pat addresses not just the obvious areas of need, but overall fitness as well. As I tell anyone who is looking for a personal trainer, Pat is the one to call.

    Mary Ann Baron


  • by Patrick Adamek on Jun 10, 2012

    From Alan Axelrod...

    I’m 88. My geriatric doctor says I complain too much about not being able to do this or that. He says that I do better than all the 88 year old people he knows. I attribute that to the fact that I go to Pat twice a week and have been for nearly four years. He pushes me hard, but not harder than I can take.

    Pat is very resourceful and has helped me in many different areas of health. For example, I told him I had a problem with my bowels and after discussing my eating habits, he made some suggestions. I followed his suggestions and I don't have the problem anymore. Another time, I told Pat I didn’t have enough energy. Again we talked about my eating habits and he told me how it might help if I began to add one scoop of protein powder to my daily diet. I did and I really think it helped. In addition, Pat gave me exercises to do before I get out of bed in the morning. I’ve been doing them religiously every morning since and I walk better as soon as I get up.

    He’s a pleasure to work with and to talk to. He’s a good listener.

    Alan Axelrod


  • by Patrick Adamek on Jun 07, 2012

    We love Pat Adamek & Fitness Matters!!
    Started working with Pat 2 times per week after my neck surgery 5 years ago and have stayed on the same schedule with Pat ever since. Pat has brought me back into a state of total fitness & an extremely healthy state of well being. Strong & fit at my age is a gift Pat has helped me attain. Pat is a professional on every level and integrates stretching throughout his training regime. God bless Pat Adamek.
    CT in Hawi

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