Mishell Nibert

My goal is to help guide you towards a healthy lifestyle and work with you on your fitness journey. Nothing is ever far from your reach you just need to take the first step. B (Balance) A (Attitude) D (Dedication)!!

As an ISSA-certified fitness professional, I can help you set realistic goals and transform your health and your life for the better. I can help you look and feel your best while enjoying the process.


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  • Bachelor's Degree, Business Mgmt, Mckendree College

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ISSA - Personal Trainer Certification
ISSA - Sports Nutrition Certification
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CPR Certified

Expires: 2022-11-24 08:00:00 UTC

AED Certified

Expires: 2022-11-24 08:00:00 UTC

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  • Fitness & Wellness Insurance Agency

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$0.00 / hr, Please contact me for rates

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Cash , Cashier's Check , Personal Checks

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • NPC Nationally Qualified Bikini, NQ Figure (overall champion 2017) and NQ Physique competitor
  • www.on1eclothing.com disc code: MISHELL10 (gym apparel)
  • www.iprfitness.com disc code: mishell
  • www.megafitmeals.com/ref/mishell0928/

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41 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Jasmin Knieriem on Jul 11, 2021

    After the birth of my second child, I let myself go. I became uncomfortable with how I looked, and was not sure where to start my journey. Thankfully, I was introduced to Mishell. I am truly grateful to have met her. From the very beginning she was direct, honest and professional. When I first talked to her, I was nervous and intimidated, but she was very open. She wants the best for everyone that she works with. I messed up and deviated (Holiday meal) from what she had wrote out for me, but instead of being negative she just gave me a better alternative without judgment. I have only been working with Mishell for about a month, and within that short amount of time, I have already seen tremendous results. I’ve noticed and feel the change in my body, and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. I would absolutely recommend anyone trying to get in shape or change their life style for the better to get in touch with Mishell. She will check in and hold you accountable for your actions, and she will praise and celebrate all your accomplishments no matter how big or small they are! Thank you Mishell for everything you have done for me!!!!!!!

    Jasmin Knieriem

  • by James Lawrence on May 04, 2020

    I've been with Mishell for about 10 weeks and I must say I am extremely happy with the results her personalized meal plan has helped me achieve. I've gone from around 230lbs down to 213lbs with just her diet plan. I can only imagine what I could achieve if I worked out with her as well. I would recommend anyone looking to make changes in their appearance to give her a try...you won't be disappointed.

  • by T D on Feb 02, 2020

    This is no HYPERBOLE! Mishell (Coach), is the consummate professional. And to be brutally honest; she’s as tough as nails, she’s very demanding, but she gets results. If you’re tired of the old cliche “that one size fits all” and tired of paying outrageous fees? Then give Mishell a try? She’s not only a motivator; she’s an inspiration. Having Mishell in my corner gives me the confidence and focus that I didn’t know was there. Because of her, I have anew outlook on life. I’ve also learned that trying to lose weight can be very intimidating and overwhelming. However, if you have someone that truly cares and understands the process; it makes all the differences in world. Stop doubting and stop debating. If you’re serious about being a better you; then give Mishell a call. I promise that she will not disappoint! At this point in your life what do you have to loose; other than weight? Mishell, you are an Angel and I’m so BLESSED too have you in my corner!

  • by Amelia Sanders on Nov 19, 2019

    She’s exactly right when she says that you have to vibe with her to work with her. She’s super intimidating, yet her heart is the intimidator with compassion, but serious. The ability a person couldn’t see for themself, is the way she is able to pick apart fears of training and making change that a person can ACTUALLY see. The first time that I jumped a box I actually stopped after the first jump and really wanted to cry in her face but I had to keep myself together because after meniscus repair surgery the year before on both knees, I wouldn’t have ever tried to jump like she knew I could. “It’s your mental...” she told me. And she hasn’t stopped helping me change my mental thoughts when it come to the goals I am still achieving. Small goals like sitting on a porch and being able to wrap my arms around my legs, and now actually having arm pits! I appreciate her every day just because when I look in the mirror I can see a different me. I’ve worked out for years and never had a trainer, she was my first one. Yes I did the work and she always gives me credit, “all you girl..” she says, but if she doesn’t know, Mishelle, you changed me, and my change everyone sees and has been inspired many more to change...one person at a time, her knowledge has been contagious. I have learned to hold my self accountable for making moves. Even when I think I’m loosing it, she’s right there with “what’s going on?...” A trainer in my corner when I am fighting that every day struggle of eating and working out, I know she knows “I GOT THIS.” Change can happen with Mishelle, only if a person is willing, and that’s all she needs.

  • by natasha still on Oct 31, 2019

    Mishell is amazing!!!i hired her as my contest prep & posing coach. She’s has great hardcore workouts and design a meal plans that suits you.I’ve lost 10lbs when I started with her. She pushes me through my one on ones sessions. Great motivator. She’s down to earth & blunt and she takes her job very seriously. She support me and encourage me through my personal issues during prep. She never gave up on me. Mishell has very positive & up lifting personality.She the best coach I ever had and she’s my inspiration. I’m excited for next year is going to bring me.so if your looking to tone up, lose weight I recommend her she’s Great!

    - natasha still

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