Michael Lansdowne

Lovettsville, VA 20180

What can I say about me? Eventhing I do and am able to do is only because God has allowed me to do so. Everyday I just ask HIM to use me for his will that I may help others know him through my actions. I am DRIVEN to help people be the best that they can be. I am always humbled because I have an opportunity to really be an impact in someone's life. Personal training is not a job to me. Personal training is a ministry. I would have to say my specialty is youth training but I love challenging and empowering my adult clients as well. I am a child at heart and love new challenges.

About Me


  • Master's Degree, Cross-Categorical Special Education, k-12, University of Phoenix- Online Campus

Certifications / Trainings

CPR Certified

ECSI Emergency Care and Safety Institute

AED Certified

ECSI Emergency Care and Safety Institute

Michael's Locations

Driven Leadership Academy LLC

5 Barbara Ellen Place
Lovettsville, VA 20180

Additional Information


$0.00 / hr, $185 for 12 session training package

Payment Methods

Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

Years Experience


Awards & Accomplishments

  • Marine Corps Marathon Finisher
  • Nations Triathlon Finisher
  • 3 Time Tough Mudder Finisher
  • Track & Field All-American 400m @ Lynchburg College

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7 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Walid George Shalhoub on Mar 20, 2014

    My name is Walid George Shalhoub and I have known Mike for over a year and a half now and have found Mike to be an extraordinary physical trainer of tremendous versatility, intelligence and discipline. His classes are never boring. I am on my way to achieving the weight, physical skills/fitness I set out for. Mike’s attitude is inspiring, his knowledge exceptional. Mike has great knowledge of body mechanics, muscle function and is capable of determining the individual abilities of his clients. He instills confidence and encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently.

    I highly recommend Mike as a personal trainer to anyone interested in increasing his or her physical conditioning and self-confidence.

  • by Kevin Diglio on Mar 19, 2014

    Over the past year and a half, Mike has become a great friend, a great neighbor and my trainer 3 days a week.

    Working out with Mike is great, workouts are never the same, they are always challenging and you will get results, trust me.

    I highly recommend him, he always has a positive attitude, is always motivating you to work hard and and be positive all the time, both in the gym and in life.

  • by Ryan Buky on Mar 19, 2014

    I have personally know Mike for about 16 years and I have been training with him for 3 years. I started training mainly for my health. I had a lot of stress in my life and high blood pressure as well as a congenital heart defect. I chose to train with Mike not just because he is a great friend of mine, but also because I know his history as a professional. Surely you can expect to gain muscle and speed from Mike with his vast knowledge and certifications of sports and agility training, but you can also find comfort in knowing that Mike has your health at the top of his list. Though he has known me for some time, he still made sure to gather as much information as possible on my health so he could maximize training while not over working and causing a negative to me. After 3 years Mike continues to check on me during work outs to make sure that I am not failing, even though I have grown stronger and faster from when i first started.

    On a personal level, Mike has always been a caring Family and Religious man. I have never seen him put himself first to anyone. I look to Mike not just for trying and friendship but also for life building. Mike is an extremely positive and motivating individual and he has been a true blessing in my life.


  • by Julie Wainner on Mar 19, 2014

    You will not find a better trainer anywhere. Not only does Mike know how to put a great workout routine together, but he takes the time to make sure you are doing the workout correctly and keeps you motivated throughout the session. His energy and genuine passion for exercise is what keeps me going back. The workouts are tough and push you to your limit, which is what makes Mike so incredible. He knows how to do this and he does it so well that you don't even know how far you've come or how much you've done. The extra bonus that Mike brings to the workout is his attitude on life. He is upbeat, positive, friendly, fun and has strong values and morals. The health benefits from Mike's workouts are far reaching. My last blood work showed huge improvements in things like LDL, HDL, Triglyceride levels, diabetes risk, cholesterol and many other numbers that were heading in the wrong direction. Mike's workouts are great for any age, too. I am in my early 50's and jumping around like a 20 year old, thanks to Mike. I have overcome health problems and have tried activities that were not possible three years ago. To me, Mike Lansdowne is a rock star for sure!

  • by Marla Regan on Mar 18, 2014

    I have worked with Mike for nearly four years now. He has helped me prepare for two Marine Corps Marathons, The Walt Disney World Dopey Challenge, countless half marathons, and even kept me toned and in-shape during my second pregnancy. He knows how to push me to the next level each and every time. He is extremely proficient at managing a class made up of all levels. Each station, each exercise, each challenge always has multiple levels to match each person's skill set and physical level. He stays in-tune with your physical, mental, and emotional needs. Mike is dedicated to the success of his clients and is always looking for new ways to get them to their goals. I have never walked away from one of Mike's classes feeling like he didn't give me 110% of his energy and focus. I have also never walked away from one of his classes without feeling like I'm a member of the family, a member of the team, or feeling like I have accomplished something that day! He's amazing! A true leader and friend.

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