Elizabeth Gorospe

Miami, FL 33180

Are you tired of barely having any energy to go through your day? Have you been exercising YET still seeing NO results? Do you want to lose 10 pounds or More and feel STRONGER & Confident than ever before? Whether you're 38, 47 or 53 yrs young ;) YOU CAN still get in the BEST SHAPE of your life with the Right plan and strategy backed by Science and REAL LIFE Experience. My friend, I am Elizabeth Gorospe, founder of South Florida's best personal training, MindBodyDrive, where we build fitness the SMART way! Chances are, if you have been trying several exercise programs and diets, and still you are not seeing the fruits of your labor, then you are Not training the SMART way! What is the "smart way" you might ask? Let me show you... SMART WAY is training with Precision and Form. Unlike the instructions you see in your favorite magazines that DON'T address your unique body composition and mechanics, I maximize each movement you perform according to YOUR body shape and joint structure for a safe & optimal workout! SMART WAY is having a positive relationship with food and the Flexibility to enjoy life as you burn fat, build lean muscles and get healthy for the LONG-TERM. See, the diets you've tried are unrealistic and don't consider your food preferences, metabolism and lifestyle. Learn how to control your cravings and increase your energy levels with eating habits you can actually stick to! SMART WAY is performing workouts that are organized in the most efficient, lean muscle-building way so you can boost your metabolism in a short amount of time! As you train with me, you will realize that LESS is MORE and that training 2-3x pr wk is much more conducive than “everyday” training. So you can have a LIFE that doesn't revolve around just working out. When your exercise form is ON POINT and every minute of your session with me is FOCUSED, you get MORE for LESS ;) Get FIT now and make intelligent fitness your lifestyle. I specialize in Interval Cardio, Strength Training, Core Training and up-to-date Stretching Protocols. With the variety of fun workouts you do with me, you will soon look forward to exercising instead of dreading it ;) Call 954 707 8811 or visit my site www.strongbod.org. I look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals the SMART way and give you LASTING RESULTS! :)

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  • Bachelor's Degree

Certifications / Trainings

AFPA - Personal Trainer Certification
Expires: May 03, 2021

CPR Certified

Amerian Health Academy
Agency Unavailable

AED Certified

American Healthcare Academy
Agency Unavailable

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Within 25.00 miles of 33180 (Mobile Training Radius)

MindBodyDrive LLC Fitness Trainer

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$79.00 / hr, with purchase of Monthly Fat-Burnin' Program

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Cash , Cashier's Check , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

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  • Best Accomplishment EVER is having the opportunity to help clients attain the Health, Vitality and Fitness they Deserve!

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English , Filipino



2 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Liliana Crosta on Mar 13, 2018

    Elizabeth has helped me be consistent at making it to the gym. Since having Elizabeth as my coach I have consistently been going to the gym 3 times a week with her for 40 min and I also started walking and jogging on my own on a regular basis. Before having Elizabeth as my coach I was not able to be consistent at any exercise routine. I also have clothes that I was not able to fit into in December that now in March I am able to fit into comfortably. Having Elizabeth as my coach has helped me find a way to have a healthier lifestyle.

    Elizabeth is a dedicated trainer. She cares about her clients and is a happy person and nice to be around.

    I have learned that I am an obliger. I need someone to hold me accountable and Elizabeth provides that for me forcing me to be more active and have a healthier lifestyle which was one of my goals when starting with Elizabeth.

    I am able to fit into dresses I was not able to fit into since before I had my son. I am able to fit into jeans that I could not fit into in December. I am able to fit into shorts that I was not able to in December. Overall I feel better about myself and how I look. I am stronger than I was in December when I started training with Elizabeth and my endurance has improved as well.

    I would definitely recommend Elizabeth to others. It is great to have a team mate looking to achieve the same health goals as you are.

  • by Michael Ingco on Jan 04, 2017

    Elizabeth is an excellent trainer that could bring out the most in your workout. After telling her what I want to improve on, she would immediately know an exercise plan for me to take. When I asked that we work on building my core strength and jumping power, she showed a variety of ab and leg exercises that engaged muscle groups that weren't normally built through my normal routine. Through it all she paid special attention to my form, making sure that I did each movement properly so that I could get the best results. Her expertise, observation, and also her positive attitude make Elizabeth is one of the best trainers around. I cannot recommend her enough.