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Why the belly bulge?

10 Answers | Asked by Beverly Hosford, MA on Jan 09, 2014

Answered by Leila Harper on Jan 17, 2014

Hi Beverly, I agree with Jeremy, could be a lower cross syndrome that needs correcting and or insulin resistance, blood sugar issue. If you haven't already, have him do a very detailed food log that states not only the times he eats but his energy levels an hour afterwards. I also have my client...

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I would like to get my first personal training certification

15 Answers | Asked by Arran Krishen on Apr 07, 2012

Answered by Leila Harper on Jul 04, 2012

Hi Arran, I would look into doing the C.H.E.K institute's advanced training program. It is a bit pricey but well worth it. From what I've seen they are the best in the industry and highly educated. Hope that's helpful! Leila

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I need a bigger BUTT! HELP!!!

15 Answers | Asked by Patty Hartong on Nov 08, 2011

Answered by Leila Harper on Jul 03, 2012

Hi Patty - try doing sprints, curtsy lunges, deadlifts and explosive type movements. The glute max has fast twitch muscle fibers thus needs to be trained by more explosive movements like sprints. Here's an article I wrote about getting a better butt by sprinting. Hope that's helpful! http://www.a...

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Can anyone provide sources for advanced proprioception training for golf professionals

6 Answers | Asked by kent lawrence on Oct 23, 2011

Answered by Leila Harper on Oct 30, 2011

Check out Dan Hellman at He trains Golf Pros and is the best I've seen and is also a staff member for the Chek Institute. He will point you in the right direction, although I believe the Chek Institute has a certification in Golf.

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Why are straight legged deadlifts not a good idea to do?

11 Answers | Asked by Leila Harper on Oct 27, 2011

Answered by Leila Harper on Oct 30, 2011

If the knees are locked as in the straight legged deadlifts rather than bent at 30 degrees as it should be done the brain cannot use the glute max so it starts over-recruiting the hamstrings and the lumbar muscles. The back muscles will not "turn on" because the nucleus of the disc is pushed way bac...

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As an in-home personal trainer, what is your favorite piece of equipment to use with clients?

37 Answers | Asked by Jocelyn Martin on Oct 27, 2011

Answered by Leila Harper on Oct 30, 2011

Who needs equipment? Bodyweight exercises are great! You don't need any equipment and you can strenghthen the entire body all at once not to mention work on balance, flexibility and endurance. Check out

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