Kyle Alton

Salida, CA 95368

Getting older has a stigma behind it, and once you reach your forties, there’s an unfortunate stereotype that you’re already ‘over the hill.’ By the time you’re in your sixties, many people choose to believe that stereotype, and think it’s perfectly normal to feel aches and pains when they get out of bed, have a hard time chasing after their grandchildren, or they think it’s impossible to do something like running, or any other kind of exercise.

While everyone’s body is different, of course, it’s important to understand that most of the time, your body will only feel as old as you allow it to feel. With people living longer than ever before, 45 can start to feel like the new 25, and so on.

At Kyle Alton Personal Training, that’s exactly what we aim to do: Our goal is to help you feel 10-20 years younger through positive training methods, dietary changes, and a different outlook on life. And when we say personal training, we mean personal. All clients are either met on a 1-on-1 basis, or as a couple, in order to keep things specific to your needs. There is no cookie cutter method for what we do - everyone has an individualized plan.

Through workouts designed to specifically reach your goals, along with nutrition plans, and techniques to help reduce stress, and help you change your habits for the better, the programs we introduce here can truly make you feel vibrant, young, and alive.

Whether your goals are as extravagant as traveling the world without restrictions, or simply picking up your grandchild without worrying about pain, we can get you there.

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  • Bachelor's Degree, Kinesiology, California State University Stanislaus

Certifications / Trainings

NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: 2017-12-31 08:00:00 UTC

CPR Certified

Red Cross CRP and AED course
Agency Unavailable

AED Certified

Kyle's Locations

Spring Creek Golf and Country Club

1580 Spring Creek Dr
Ripon, CA 95366

Kyle Alton Personal Training

5636 Pirrone Rd
Salida, CA 95368

Additional Information


$40.00 / hr, starting rate per half hour

Payment Methods

Cash , Credit Cards , Personal Checks

Years Experience


Awards & Accomplishments

  • Owning first training studio
  • Being asked to present at two local hospitals
  • Becoming head trainer

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4 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by shannon sterba on Sep 07, 2016

    Where do I begin?! Hands down Kyle saved my life!! I found him through a google search and my life hasn't been the same ever since! Before Kyle, I was watching youtube fitness gurus and guessing at what proper form was. I reached out to him to learn good form and when we went over my goals, I told him I wanted to be "skinny." He told me he didn't do "skinny" that he was more of a strength and overall personal betterment type of trainer. At first I didn't like that idea because I was worried we didn't have the same vision. Kyle not only taught me proper form, but how to approach fitness mentally. I was always so scared to lift weights. I didn't want to look bulky and I didn't want to hurt myself. He showed me that through BOTH weight lifting and cardio, I could achieve EVEN BETTER than what I had originally wanted. I have never been as fit and toned as I am now. I'm no longer afraid of the weight room in the gym. I pretty much live there. And I am chasing after the heavier weights! I am going to miss Kyle so much! There were plenty of therapy sessions during breaks. He's a great trainer, he really makes you #1 during training and helps you to understand how fitness ties into the rest of your life. I am a better mom and most important, I am a better version of myself not only physically (down 23lbs and toned af) but mentally as well. Thank you Kyle! You and your family deserve the world!!!!

  • by Tommy Van Groningen on Sep 16, 2014

    I went to Kyle when I got tired of using online workouts that weren't well suited for me. I must say I haven been disappointed at all! Kyle has always taken the time to hear me out and put them time into creating my workout programs specifically for me. He is always timely, professional, and available to help. He really takes the time to hear out your goals and help you achieve them. - Tommy VG

  • by Jasmine Su on Sep 04, 2014

    Kyle is an incredible personal trainer! I have been a client of Kyle's for two years now. Not only does he listen to his client's concerns, but he very well understands exactly the type of fitness that the client's body needs. He always makes himself available to his clients, day & night. He's easy to get along & talk with. Kyle is a trustworthy professional that always has his clients' best interest! :)

    Jasmine S.

  • by Shane Segrest on Sep 03, 2014

    My name is Shane Segrest, I'm a 43 year old father of two boys 7 and 4. I met Kyle 8 weeks ago in the worst shape of my life. Just shy of 300lbs, I'm now in the 270's and starting to see tone coming through the skin again, this is week 7. Kyle is an amazing personal trainer who's advanced beyond his years!!! One of my personal fears was this young guy was going to kill me, not to say he doesn't try at
    I can tell you that he works with you and doesn't push beyond your abilities...
    He's very conscience of each of his clients person situations... I see him working with other clients in all walks of life and I'm impressed with his ability to help each person independently and with 100% focus on who he's with at that time!
    I very much appreciate Kyle's approach to fitness. He's helping me get my life back and I plan on seeing my kids graduate, which I'm not sure I would have on the road I was headed down.