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Kent J Tagge

Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0525

Hello. I have been in the health & fitness profession the majority of my life. I started when I was 12 years old working for my father who was a cardiologist (I better add, a very well-known cardiologist). I learned from a man who loves to teach his patients and educate them about their medical conditions. I had to get the anatomical models, the chalkboard and chalk and be ready for each patient's room he went into. He loved to see me there learning from his knowledge, and I learned so much that later on, much about the human body came to me as if I had already studied it. I went on to become a licensed vocational nurse, followed by a registered nurse with a bachelor's degree in nursing and finally a certified critical care RN (CCRN). After working in the nursing profession for 15 years, I left and wanted very badly to have my own business. I figured if I get certified in fitness training, I could work with clients who wanted to tap into the benefits of a fitness program and also needed someone who had some medical knowledge. It worked out better than I imagined and after getting established with a few doctors, I had more referrals than I could handle. The fitness studio was a success! I gradually took more courses in kinesiology, exercise prescription and several other courses which allowed me to feel comfortable working with clients who were post rehab. I had the business for 10 years and recently had to close it to deal with some chronic injuries I had from my earlier years participating in extreme sports. I have seen so many clients turn their life around through learning safe and sound exercise technique and the other areas of a healthy lifestyle that needs to be addressed for long-term success. I currently do public speaking to groups that read my story and call on me to help motivate and educate a particular group. It is my desire to pass on what I have learned through classroom studies and practical experience. It is an honor to be part of the fitness profession and be in it as it went from the initial stage in the late 1970s to the current date.

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  • AA, AA degree, Cypress College
  • AS, Associate Degree in Science, Chapman University
  • Bachelor's Degree, Nursing, Excelsior College
  • Master's Degree, Exercise Physiolgy/Kinesiology

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ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Feb 28, 2017
ACE - Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
Expires: Jun 30, 2017
ACE - Certified Health Coach
Expires: Aug 31, 2016
NSCA - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Dec 31, 2017

CPR Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Apr 30, 2015
Healthcare Provider

AED Certified

American Heart Association
Expires: Apr 30, 2015
Healthcare Provider

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  • by Pat Riley on Mar 20, 2011

    I was referred to KoolerTrek Fitness & Wellness from a co-worker. I had never tried to lose weight the "right" way and I had never looked for help except from Jenny Craig. I went to Kent because I was so curious why a lady I work with, who is very difficult to please and rarely has a positive thing to say, would keep raving about Kent and how he worked as a professional. So when I went for my Free Initial Consultation, I pretty much knew what to expect, EXCEPT I wanted to see what this Kent person looked like. I can say that I did not feel intimidated, which is something I was concerned about. Kent dresses very conservative, and he did not fit what I though of when I heard the words Fitness Trainer. BTW, Kent does not like the title Personal Trainer so I quickly changed to what he felt was a better title, which is Fitness Trainer. To make a really long story short, Kent is into a lot of various "jobs." This was not the case when I first went to see him. He spent 14 hours a day at his studio and it showed. It was like walking into a private exercise area for the President. The bathroom, shower, kitchen, equipment, fish tank, etc. was always clean, had a nice smell to the place, and really made me want to go workout there because I knew I would not have to worry about somebody else's sweat. it was hard at fist since Kent is kind of on the tough side, he does not take excuses for not following through with what we agreed on me doing for "homework." If I agree with his recommendations and I understand them (he gives you the chance to ask as many questions as you want to make sure you understand what it is he wants you to do before you return for your next session.) I had a different type of program because since money was an issue, I told Kent in the beginning that I needed to do as much as I could at home. He worked with me as far as cost, which was really nice to see, and because of me not being able to meet face-to-face with Kent as much as he felt I needed to; especially initially, we had set time where we would have "coaching" sessions on the internet or phone. Kent would expect reports from me that listed what I had done exercise-wise, what I had eaten (a food diary), and lifestyle issues that were in the way or areas I was having trouble with, and obstacles to me fulfilling what I had promised to do before we met next. I will say these "coaching" session were very helpful. Some people told me they thought it was too much, but for me I really needed to be help accountable to someone other then just myself. Of course that changed overtime because Kent felt it was important that I feel accountable to me only, unless we both agreed on a "homework" assignment and then I was accountable to Kent and myself. It went really well for a long time. I was able to work in 3 60-minute sessions every 7 days and 2 online or phone coaching sessions, which usually lasted 20 minutes each time. I worked hard at my program and Kent knew that. He has this gift, which I would call a sensitivity, or intuition that really was kind of scary. His intuition was usually right on, and from the time I walked into his studio, it was like he knew when I was having trouble understanding something before I told him, and he would nearly answer questions I had before I was able to form the questions in my mind. The whole experience was very positive. I never knew eating well and getting in regular exercise would make me feel so good. the sad part was that I knee I would need a trainer for the rest of my life. Even so I loved the benefits, and I kept up with the online coaching, when I moved away, but I never fully kept up with my program like I should have. I have not see Kent for several years since I moved to Southern Utah, but all that I learned I remember, that was just Kent's way. he wanted me to learn the stuff in case I went away on vacation or when the time came, I could do what I knew I should do and do it the right way; especially with great form. Kent was very strict about exercise form, so much in fact, I had an abnormal gait, mostly in my left leg, which the doctors told me I would not be able to get rid of it, but Kent's approach to exercise, making me aware of how I was walking, how my hoot strike was hitting the pavement, which muscles I felt and could even work on this and improve the mental-body connection, so that I knew over time my left leg gait would change. I miss the days when I looked the best I ever have, felt the best, the smallest size in cloths I ever wore, and most importantly, felt the best I ever felt and ever thought I could feel. I learned so much, it was nothing like I thought it was going to be, but I went there thinking Kent had the knowledge and he was going to keep the knowledge so that I had to come back to him to get it. Kent taught me just as if I was his student and wanted me to take the knowledge and implement it into my daily life. I do some but nothing like I did when I worked out with Kent. One thing I will say is that I still eat so much better than I ever knew how to and ever knew I would be able to. Thanks Kent. I miss our sessions, even know you made me work so had. :-)

    Response by Kent J Tagge on Apr 05, 2011

    Thank you Pat. I have a lot of good memories working with you. Let me know if I can ever help you out. Blessings,

  • by User on Jan 20, 2011

    What can I say about a trained nurse who became a exercise science/fitness trainer just to focus on the group of people who wanted to learn how to eat better, manage their illness(es) to support their interest in living a healthier life and exercise correctly (just to name a few goals), but also felt a little un-easy with the average trainer who had no or little experience working with clients who have had a major illness or are living with a medical disease or condition, or like me, had been through some involved and long-term rehab. My medical doctor told me about Kent, informing me about his professional experience in critical care, his tendency to not take excuses for not following through with what we agreed on, and his ability to pick-up a "small" sign while training someone, that could indicate that they needed further evaluation. That was what happened with me. Kent put me through a thorough initial evaluation (using some of his critical care experience) and while I was on the treadmill, I guess Kent picked up that my blood pressure was not returning back to what he felt should be "normal" after the workload he took me to. to make a long story short, Kent insisted I see my physician, and bring back a completed form with any restrictions, heart rate parameters, blood pressure parameters, etc. Well, I ended up having advanced renal disease, and before I made it bak to Kents, I had open heart surgery with 6 vessels bypassed. I have no idea still to this day what "small" bit of evidence that alerted Kent to slow me down, talk to me in the office, and insist that I see my doctor; especially if I wanted to work with Kent. of course even if I did not, I was still very concerned. it turned out that Kent had talked to my doctor since I had given Kent permission and my doctor was aware of what kent identified during the "mini evaluation" that I strongly believe saved my life. the entire time I was on the treadmill, Kent was asking me to rate the exercise workload, how I was feeling, if I was having any pain, and he even hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff that took the readings every minute so Kent could focus on me and how I was feeling as we cooled down. I am still amazed that a fitness trainer can have this kind of training, but I guess as with most professions, there are great employees, good employees, and not so good employees. I had encouraged Kent to go on to medical school, but he felt he was too old and had a lot to offer the fitness/wellness profession. That should be enough about my trainer. I should ad that I have been with Kent for 6 years now, have lost 25% bodyfat, gained 45 pounds of muscle, am off several of my blood pressure and heart medications, and feel the best at 60 then I have ever felt. I am all for this exercise is medicine approach as Kent calls it. it has given me a new lease on life and I have shared my story with so many people, that I feel I have helped save many lives in an indirect way. So find yourself a qualified and engaged trainer. Not one that has no idea what your blood pressure is from one minute to the next, put is really engaged in how you move your body when you are doing certain exercises, if you need some water or a short break, if you have any questions, and all the other areas that show that the trainer is really focused on you and wants you to succeed as their client. This type of trainer is so hard to find and I feel like an angel was over me that day when I decided to start at KoolerTrek Fitness & Wellness Studio.

    Response by Kent J Tagge on Mar 05, 2011

    Mark-Thank you for taking the time to post an entry here. We were a team, and trust me you gave every bit as much as I did to your success. You have been an inspiration to me and many others who I know saw you transform your life and your "being." I am available to you, your family and friends whenever you need me. Please just call and try to keep in touch. Hey? Remember the stones that make the pathway to your destination? Each stone is so important, and that is how you did so well; you focused on one stone at a time and when you firmly placed one stone down you went forward to the next. If this helps you stay focused on the "small" steps rather then the big, troublesome, and more difficult steps, one day along your journey, you will look back and see how far you have come. My Best.