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My trainer is letting me go because my time slot is inconvenient after a year of training; what do i say to him?

17 Answers | Asked by Eileen Mulcaire on Dec 08, 2015

Answered by Juliet Gould Scanlan on Dec 15, 2015

I would see if you could maybe meet him at the same time slot somewhere half way in between or maybe pick a different time during the week. This is a tough situation. He probably does not want to leave you but feels like in terms of logistics, he cannot do it. I am sure you will find another grea...

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What two things should you consider when you determine the intensity of your workout

8 Answers | Asked by cass jonca on Dec 14, 2015

Answered by Juliet Gould Scanlan on Dec 15, 2015

There are different factors to consider when determining exercise intensity (more than 2 factors can definitely be important) These include the duration, or amount of time of the workout, the mode, or type of exercise, and how the intensity is measured. The intensity can be measured by RPE, or rat...

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