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I’m in my mid sixties now, & after more than three decades and 50,000 hours of teaching & living the art of physical transformation, I have come to several conclusions: 1. Everyone is perfect just as they are! Everyone has the gift, choice & ability to engage in personal transformation in any one of a thousand ways - no matter what their age, physical state or perceived limitation. 2. All processes work if the heart is engaged, the effort is earnest & the teacher is there. 3. No matter how committed the effort, intense the focus or strong the desire – in the end entropy becomes your teacher. But it can be engaged, danced with & perhaps even vanquished. Who is to say it is not possible? 4. The foundation of my view of physical transformation lies in the way we create and feel movement & energy. This can progress only when awareness expands.

My approach is to use a combination of classic resistance training & athletic movement elements as the tools to alter movement perception. The outcomes my clients experience depend on my hands on, dynamic realigning guidance & movement redirection to create a shifted perception. Out of this comes body realignment & density by transforming states of interdependent muscle tone. Mind-body-spirit fusion is the ongoing goal that drives the engines of transformation. More practically, the science of modern training is integrated as well. We’ve learned a lot about what works (and doesn’t) in exercise physiology. So there is an objective context to function within that can & does deliver measurable results. I hope this gives you a glimpse of how I approach training my clients. I give all of my students a process perspective & context that keeps and guides them on the path. I have been working with many for well over twenty years! The first hour is always complimentary. Thanks for reading & I hope you find the best teacher for YOU! Jonathan

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