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is the BMR and resting VO2 (3.5 ml/kg/min) the same ? Which is expressed differently

2 Answers | Asked by Dimitri Novitzky on Apr 14, 2014

Answered by Jeremy Burton on Jun 02, 2019

And how can we implement such technologies at our Glass Company ? Maybe you can give us some advice? We install and repair shower screens, glass balustrades and others.

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What is the rate of energy expenditure at VO2 max of 10 mets for a 50 kg subject?

2 Answers | Asked by Rachelle Temple on Jan 19, 2012

Answered by Jeremy Burton on Jun 01, 2019

Very interesting to me! I work in the related field, so I'm sure I'll be able to implement it for our glass replacement company ARAX Windows. If you have some questions related to this industry, I'm glad to answer it too!

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essay on my favourite dishes

7 Answers | Asked by kaycee felix on Apr 07, 2016

Answered by Jeremy Burton on Jun 01, 2019

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