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I was a competitive athlete for 30+ years in a variety of sports including swimming, gymnastics, dancing, soccer, diving, track, bicycle motorcross, triathlon, long-distance running, and adventure racing until chronic injuries and a string of ill-fated surgeries forced me to "retire". Those 30+ years gave me a lifetime love for health and fitness and set me on my path to help others cultivate, maintain and expand their own fitness level as well as provide a solid understanding of and love for fitness and wellness in their own lives.

I began my career as a fitness instructor in 1986 as a competitive, women’s gymnastics coach and choreographer. After graduating from college I earned my primary certification as a Group Fitness Instructor and began teaching fitness classes. Throughout the next decade I continued teaching and acquiring more advanced and varied group fitness certifications as well as a Personal Trainer certification. I also began teaching private swim lessons to competitive swimmers and triathletes. In 2000 I made the decision to become a full-time fitness professional and began teaching at a private club. In the years since, I've continued to acquire more trainings and certifications in various disciplines including STOTT PILATES® (Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, Barrels), Gyrotonic® Exercise, TRX® Force™ Suspension System Training, POSE® Method Running, Injuries and Special Populations, and Polynesian Dance.

Then came Sept. of  2010  when I had what was supposed to be a simple, run-of-the mill operation that instead went horribly wrong. As a result, I had 11 follow up surgeries in an effort to remedy what the original surgeon had done to me.  The trauma this incurred on my body in addition to the tremendous amounts of scar tissue formed left me at one point, in a state of basically being an invalid -- unable on many days to even get out of bed.  Thus, my experience with chronic, debilitating pain and PTSD began.  But it was also the beginning of my healing journey from which I have learned a great many things that I otherwise might never have.   As part of my physical therapy I began Gyrotonic exercise.  Even in my most severe states of pain and dysfunction, Gyrotonic gave me a way I could move without fear or pain. Without Gyrotonic, I'm not sure I would have made it.  Many days the only way I could face the day was knowing I could go to my Gyrotonic lesson and experience the freedom of movement which I thought I had completely lost.  Slowly, I regained strength, range of motion, and a sense that my body could still function despite what I had been through.  As years passed I was able to return to many of the physical activities I once loved and never thought I would be able to do again.  I knew Gyrotonic was something I absolutely needed as a constant in my life.  As military spouse I also knew we be moving to a different place in the future where Gyrotonic might not be available.  So in 2017 I began  training to become a Gyrotonic Instructor with the intention of buying my own Gyrotonic machine so that even when we did move to a different place, I could, in effect, act as my own physical therapist if needed. 

In 2018 we moved to San Antonio where, surprisingly, but sure enough, no Gyrotonic studio existed.  I didn't know it at first, but this would be the inspiration for me to finally fulfill a long-time dream of opening my own fitness studio.  After a couple of months passed it became clear I could not keep Gyrotonic only to myself and that people in San Antonio needed to know of this amazing method of movement and be able to experience it for themselves. 

Thus the birth of 5th Line Movement and Fitness -- a place where I can share and teach movement and exercise principles that have helped me both as a healthy individual and athlete, and as someone on a journey of physical and mental recovery from chronic pain; a place where I can use all of my skills, knowledge and experience to give clients the very best in mind-body exercise and fitness instruction;  and a place where I can mix and match several methods of exercise, even within the same session, to best meet the needs of my clients.  Because I've experienced acute injuries as well as  chronic injuries and pain I am well acquainted with the physical as well as mental challenges injured individuals face. As such, I've intensely studied nutrition, myofascial release, regenerative and functional medicine, mindfulness, meditation, and stress management -- all of which I incorporate into my work with clients to provide the most comprehensive, highest quality training and support they will find anywhere.

Throughout my many years of teaching I have taught at colleges, private clubs, nation-wide health club chains, military bases and small studios in locations all across the U.S. and overseas.  I've worked with children as young as 6 years old and adults as old as 91.  I've trained post-surgical/rehab clients, new moms wanting to lose those last few baby pounds, grandparents who want to be fit enough to play with the grand-kids, serious athletes, those suffering from chronic pain conditions, and long-time exercisers stuck in a rut looking for new and fun ways to stay fit. I have also had the unique opportunity, honor and  privilege to train active duty soldiers, reservists, Special Ops members, and Wounded Warriors.

?My deep desire is to help people recover from injury and pain; to help them achieve optimal physical function and health (whatever that may be for each individual); to equip them with the desire and knowledge necessary for a lifetime of healthy living;  to better equip and enable each individual to fulfill the purposes God has for them by being as healthy as possible; and to help people live life to the fullest extent possible for them.

 If you are interested in learning more about my studio, what I offer and how best to contact me, please check out my Facebook page (5th Line Movement and Fitness) as I do not regularly check this site. You may also go to my website at:

Thanks and I look forward to working with you soon!

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