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Does anybody charge a monthly recurring fee for personal training?

16 Answers | Asked by Chris Lutz on Feb 27, 2013

Answered by Jane Jakobsen on Feb 21, 2016

How are trainers getting paid on this eft model? Is there comission paid on initial sale as well as getting paid per session?

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Do you/your facility pay for staff certifications and/or continuing education?

7 Answers | Asked by Steve Oswald on Dec 06, 2013

Answered by Jane Jakobsen on Dec 13, 2014

Steve, how did you move forward from your questions above? I am also trying to implement a reimbursement plan for the trainers at our gym. Would love to hear your thoughts or know if you have a good resource

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I'm planning a home circuit training program for a client with plantar fasciitis in both feet. What cardio exercises are safe?

4 Answers | Asked by Jill Donohue on Dec 03, 2014

Answered by Jane Jakobsen on Dec 04, 2014

Jill, I would structure your circuit, alternating upper body and lower body exercises. Which will help to keep the heart rate up. Of course keeping the lower body exercises appropriate for planter. Maybe mat work, side lying leg raises, clam shell, mule kicks, fire hydrants, all come to mind fir...

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