Jane Grice

I want to help you achieve your fitness goals! I enjoy Adventure Racing, Downhill Skiing, Cross Country Skiing, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Snowshoeing, Golfing, Scuba/Snorkeling, and Long Walks. I also love a good book, my wonderful husband, 2 kids, and my Great Dane, Astro! Train well so that you can play hard!

Verified Cert/Training
IDEA Author/Presenter

About Me


  • BS, Accounting, Pennsylvania State University

Certifications / Trainings

Les Mills - BODYFLOW® Certified
Les Mills - BODYVIVE® 3.1 Certified
ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Nov 30, 2014
NSCA - Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
Expires: Dec 31, 2017

CPR Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Nov 13, 2013

AED Certified

American Red Cross
Expires: Nov 13, 2013

4 Ratings

5.0 out of 5 Stars

  • by Adella Houck on Aug 04, 2012

    I love the diverse programs she puts together. Her workouts are always challenging and never boring.

    If she see your technique is off she'll bring it to your attention, so you can correct it and get the most out of the activity

    Jane thrives on you being successful and will help you to get to your goal if you put in the effort.

    Jane is gentle but totally movtivating!

  • by Shari Repman on Jun 05, 2012

    Jane is realistice. She knows how life is, but helps you overcome those obstacles we often use as excuses. Workouts are creative and it is obvious she puts a lot of planning time into the workouts. She wants each person to succeed and will do whatever she can to help you reach your goals. Thanks Jane!!

  • by Sherri Price on Jun 05, 2012

    Jane never gives up on you. Even when you start to slide she keeps pulling you on. She encourages you to try new activities, some you might even like.

    During group training sessions, she makes the effort to adapt activities to meet everyones fitness level or injury. She continues to learn and educate herself to keep her clients up to date.

    I all have all the confidenence in the world in her! Follow her lead and she'll get you where you want to be!

  • by Stephanie Lavenberg on Jun 03, 2012

    Workouts are challenging, yet fun! Who knew that moving golf balls from one barrel to another would be considered a workout, unless you are not running, but instead crabwalking one time, high knees the next! Get your heart rate up, recover, repeat. Lots of different exercises to keep it interesting and to keep you motivated for more.

    Focused on the total picture - not just fitness, but overall wellness. Not just for the short term, for life.

    Got me to do stuff I never would do on my own, including a little something called "body flow". I believe I am no longer anonymous....

    Stick with Jane and you'll see your progression. Don't forget to do your part; she will do hers!!