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In addition to my personal trainer certifications, I am also a certified running coach. Adding a well designed cardio routine to your fitness schedule will enable you to achieve a unique level of fitness.

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  • Computer Science, N.Y.U.

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ACE - Certified Group Fitness Instructor
Expires: 2025-01-31 08:00:00 UTC
ACE - Certified Health Coach
Expires: 2025-11-30 08:00:00 UTC
ACE - Certified Medical Exercise Specialist
Expires: 2024-05-31 07:00:00 UTC
ACE - Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: 2025-06-30 07:00:00 UTC
ACE - Functional Training Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs
ACE - Weight Management Specialist Program - 2.5 CECs
NASM - Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES)
NASM - Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Road Runners Club of America - Running Coach
Agency Unavailable

CPR Certified

American Heart Association
Agency Unavailable
Expires: 2023-12-29 08:00:00 UTC
Amerian Heart Association
Agency Unavailable

AED Certified

American Heart Association
Agency Unavailable
Expires: 2023-12-29 08:00:00 UTC
Amerian Heart Association
Agency Unavailable

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  • Lockton

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$75.00 / hr

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Cash , Personal Checks

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  • Completed 20 Marathons.

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  • by Rachel Schiano on May 07, 2017

    I have been training with Jim for nearly one year now. I decided to seek the assistance of a professional personal trainer after my self-motivation to work out began to wane as the expectations and grind of daily living increased; following my exercise routine kept moving down the list of my priorities until eventually I was rarely doing any of my usual fitness activities. Although I was aware of what was happening I couldn't seem to get out of the rut until one day I decided to take the leap and find a personal trainer. After much investigation I decided to hire Jim and I am VERY pleased.

    Over the past year I have not only regained my motivation to keep fit but I and others see the results of my hard work. Jim developed a routine personalized for me and which he constantly modifies. There is always a new exercise or a new piece of equipment which is introduced, so the routine is not static and is ever-changing; there is absolutely no opportunity for boredom! He is very knowledgeable about the different muscles and the specific exercises needed to strengthen and tone them. Jim also provided me with exercises to do when I am not training with him which helps me maintain my current level of fitness. One of the most significant aspects of my training is 30 minutes of uninterrupted walking per day; Jim helped me to understand the importance of including this activity in my daily routine. I do not miss this 30 minutes- Never Ever!!! I have walked after a long stressful day at work, on vacation, early in the morning, late at night and even in my house when the weather is bad. It has become part of my day and my life. I feel so much better and again I see the results of my dedication as do other people.

    On a more practical note, although I usually work out on the same day and time, Jim is extremely flexible in scheduling, which is important with the demands of daily life. There have been occasions when I have had to cancel my appointment even at the last minute, and Jim is very understanding and will re-schedule without difficulty. The convenience of him arriving at my front door with all the necessary equipment is a blessing. He is a genuinely nice guy whom I feel I've known for my entire life. I have recommended Jim to friends and colleagues who have also retained him and are equally as satisfied. Choosing Jim has been one of the best decisions I've made and it was the impetus for a well-needed life change. Thanks to Jim I have reached a new level of commitment and dedication to healthy living.

    I highly recommend Jim to those interested in improving their fitness lifestyle.

  • by Andrew Sabol on Nov 05, 2014

    I had the pleasure to train with Jim for the NYC marathon this year. Jim not only helped with the training program but also the mental challenges during our sessions. Prior to starting with Jim, I was using my own program (if you want to call it that) which led to nagging knee discomfort which led me to find a trainer. I consider myself lucky to find such an amazing individual to work with. Not only did he understand what I was going through, Jim also put a plan together that prevented injury and prepared me for the 26.2 mile course. With the plan, I never hit the wall and finished strong. I plan to work with Jim for my next marathon.

  • by Michelle Marr on Jun 08, 2014

    I am not an athlete. While I have a day job, my hobby is ballroom dancing and the Argentine Tango in particular. Having spent two years making it past the beginner level, I was determined to perfect my technique and become a full-fledged Tango dancer.

    It has been said that the Argentine Tango is "strength plus elegance under high-speed conditions." Although I knew all the steps and did very well in my dance classes, I lacked the strength and balance I needed to execute those steps, gracefully, on an actual dance floor. I needed to have the ability to face my partner while my body was turning in the opposite direction, or to balance my whole body on the ball of one foot while being turned by someone else, all while appearing relaxed and confident. Wearing a black dress and sexy shoes wasn't enough.

    Then I found Jim Rubas. What struck me first about Jim was his aura of professionalism, both in his appearance and demeanor. What I liked most about him was his willingness to listen- to who I was as an individual and to what I wanted to achieve through exercise. Having had several conversations with him, it was apparent that he had taken the time to view some Tango dancing and therefore understood the skills and movements that I was trying to learn and perform.

    Training with Jim has been a great experience. As a single mother of two children, he created an exercise plan for me that was both realistic and fit my schedule. He is very encouraging both during and between workouts and is a great source of health-related information. I now see a real improvement in my "functional strength," i.e., stronger core muscles enable me to twist and turn, stronger leg muscles prevent me from wobbling when I have to hold a position. My posture has improved and I also feel more confident while dancing overall, knowing that I'm stronger. I know that I never would have achieved this by going to a gym on my own, without Jim's guidance and expertise.

    I recommend Jim Rubas without reservation.

  • by patrick willer on Jan 24, 2013

    I am 35 years old and consider myself to be a fairly active person. I am naturally athletic however as I grow older safety becomes more of a concern. I chose to work with Jim due to his emphasis and expertise in running. I have always enjoyed running and being outdoors. My goal was to get back in shape and improve my running ability and over all tone and physique.

    After working with Jim for over six months I am in better shape and on my way to my goal. What I did not count on I contribute to Jim and his attention to detail. The added health benefit, my body is a more efficient calorie burner. I generally feel better. I had minor back pain that is now gone and my Dr. believes this is due in part to my increased activity, training and strengthening of certain muscles as well as carrying less weight in the mid section. Those certain muscles are in the core area according to my Dr. these muscles help us stand, sit, run, walk, exercise and just about anything you can think of in your daily routine. I did not realize that isolating these muscles would have such a profound impact on my daily life. Jim has done an excellent job working with me to improve my core.

    My running is one of the most important parts of this story. I started off with the mindset that I was a fairly qualified runner. This was not the case. Jim pointed out several areas in which I could improve my ability and stamina while running. WOW… is all I can say! I run farther at greater paces with less effort. I had issues with my knees while running. I no longer have any issues since Jim corrected my style. I enjoy running and being outdoors and this has a greater level of enjoyment after my time with Jim.

    Jim is very concerned about his client’s safety. This is important to mention as having a trainer ensures that you are doing to the exercise properly and isolating the correct muscles. If this is not done we risk injury and could compound preexisting conditions. Jim took pride in my safety and slowly stepped me up over time.

    I highly recommend Jim as his expertise, attention to detail, and concern for your safety makes him and excellent choice.

  • by Mary Ann Loustaunau on Jan 14, 2013

    I have worked with Jim for over 4 years. When I began, my goal was toning and weight loss. However, I didn't anticipate added, life-changing benefits. I have scoliosis which is a curvature of my spine. For years I suffered from muscle spasms in my back caused by lifting or bending. My left hip was higher than my right, and I frequented the chiropractor because of consistent pain. As stated in an earlier review, Jim doesn't use a cookie-cutter approach with his clients. Jim focused our workout on core training and strengthening the muscles that support my spine. Now there is no visible perception of the curvature, and I stand straight. My job requires that I travel, and I am able to lift my luggage onto planes and trains and haul it into the overhead compartment without repercussion. I rarely see the chiropractor, and an added bonus is that my recent bone density test indicated that I have improved mass in my hips and lower back. To me, this is miraculous.

    Jim's focus is on wellness. His interest in his clients, attention to detail and knowledge of his profession are outstanding. My experience has been life changing - I have more strength and endurance now than I had in my youth. I am overwhelmingly grateful for opportunity to work with Jim.

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