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Certified by American Council on Exercise and The Cooper Institute under the auspices of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies(NCCA), certification listed and verified in the U.S. Registry for Exercise Professionals ( which operates in conjunction with the Coalition for Registered Exercise Professionals( These organizations were created in part to ensure a verified certificated professional has been represented to the public. In doing so the public is ensured that minimum standards from an accredited certificating organization in the exercise and health fields has been met. That relative continuing education is being maintained so the consumer can distinguish between those Fitness Professionals who are "certified and current with certification" from those that are not. This helps to ensure the consumer receives a standard of service from a Fitness Training Professional who maintains a documented record of achievement, and who will dispense of those services using science and evidenced based information. Additionally I am a 2012 recipient of the Cooper Ambassador designation. ( My promise to you is simple. I am committed to providing you with only the highest level of client care, through a big picture, function first approach. By bringing an empathetic and conscientious approach to healthy behavior change, in order to help support a better quality of life through a better performing body, by incorporating age/gender and health history driven goals crafted specifically for you. This is not a one size-fits-all program. However you will become a fitter, leaner, more flexible person. Being a firm believer in what "gets measured, gets improved" by setting realistic small goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound (S.M.A.R.T). Using principles from the Trans-Theoretical Model of Behavior Change, these strategies will help determine level of readiness successful in getting clients results with less back tracking, helping you stay on track. Offering a "free" in-studio consultation to discuss all your questions, concerns, personal goals and training rates. I am committed to your success. Stop the excuses, let’ s get it done!

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Certifications / Trainings

CI - Certified Personal Trainer Credential
Expires: Mar 31, 2022
CI - Balls, Bands, and More Workshop
CI - Biomechanics of Resistance Training Certificate Program
CI - Coaching Healthy Behaviors Certificate Program
CI - Indoor Cycling Certificate Program
CI - Interval Training Workshop
CI - Older Adults Fitness Specialist Certificate Program
CI - Physical Fitness Specialist Certificate Program
CI - Postural Assessment and Corrective Exercises Workshop
CI - Prehab for Posture and Low Back Workshop
CI - Providing Dietary Guidance Certificate Program
CI - Small Group Personal Training Certificate Program
CI - Walking for Wellness Workshop
CI - Weight Management Leadership Certificate Program

CPR Certified

AHA Heartsaver CPR AED

AED Certified

AHA Heartsaver CPR AED

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$0.00 / hr, Free consultation: All your questions answered during your free in-studio consult. Rates, Goals, Expectations and more!

Payment Methods

Cash , Cashier's Check , Personal Checks

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Awards & Accomplishments

  • 2012 Cooper Institute Ambassador (more information on website above)
  • 2012-2015 California Death Ride-129 mile 15k feet climbing in the altitude-4X 5 Summit finisher on a bicycle!
  • 2010 NPC Texas State Championship - 1st Place - Masters Over 50
  • 2010 NPC Ronnie Coleman Classic - 1st Place - Masters Over 50
  • 2009 NPC Texas State Championship - 1st Place - Masters Over 50
  • 2009 NPC Texas State Shredder Classic - 1st Place - Masters Over 50
  • 2008 NPC Texas State Shredder Classic - 2nd Place - Masters Over 50
  • 2008 NGA Southern States Suthern States Classic - Overall Champion (Pro Card Winner)
  • IDEA Health & Fitness-Continuing Education-Certificated Studies
  • IDEA - The Science and Application of Metabolic Training
  • IDEA - Heart-Core Circuit Training: The New Edition Course
  • IDEA - Baby Boomers-The Truth About Stretching!
  • IDEA - Balancing Hormones for Optimal Weight Loss
  • IDEA - Health & Fitness News, and Seasonal Eating
  • IDEA - Proper Exercise Order for Resistance Training, and Asymmetrical Bar Training
  • IDEA Fitness Journal - The Effects of Social Media on Body Image
  • IDEA - Understanding the Relationship Between Heart Rate Variability and Overtraining
  • IDEA - Mind-Body News, and Breaking Mental Habits to Combat Pain
  • IDEA - Health & Fitness News, and Burning Calories Post-exercise
  • IDEA - Mind-Body News, and Reasons to Avoid Combining Cardio and Strength Training
  • IDEA - Training Through Pain
  • IDEA - Reducing Risk Factors for Heart Disease
  • IDEA - Food and Nutrition News, and Easing Stress and Pain With Nutrition
  • IDEA - Health and Fitness News, and Nutrition News
  • IDEA - Integrative Training: The Way of the Future
  • IDEA - Comparing Suspension Exercise to Traditional Resistance Methods
  • IDEA - Blast Your Abs, Glutes and Core - A Big HIIT With Your Clients
  • IDEA - Become a World-Class Coach--Top Seven Must-Dos to Create Success and Significance
  • IDEA - Health and Fitness News, and Dieting and the Latest Science on Fat
  • IDEA - Anticipate the Needs of Older Clients, and Mind-Body Awareness and Mindfulness
  • IDEA - Exploring Reasons for Low Thyroid Function
  • IDEA - Health, Fitness and Nutrition News
  • IDEA - Benefits of Exercise for Children, and Helping Stroke Survivors
  • IDEA - Coach Clients Through Behavior Change
  • IDEA - Eat to Win-Enhance Performance and Promote Recovery
  • IDEA - Program Design for a Strength Training ( For group training)
  • IDEA - Creative Circuits-5 Steps to Better Program Design
  • IDEA - Intermittent Fasting: Science or Fiction?

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  • by Leisha Dupree on Mar 06, 2019

    Gary is my ticket to new health. After a scare of extremely high blood pressure and a stay in the hospital 10 years ago. I knew I needed help and a friend knew who I needed to get that help from. When I met Gary the first time, he listened and put a plan together that worked great with my schedule. We worked together on that plan for over a year and not only did I lose weight but I was back in single digit jeans, that I had not been in since high school some 30 years before. He watched my exercise along with what I was eating and it worked, oh how it worked. I had energy, I started taking 10 mile walks and my doctor took me off of some of my medications. We parted ways so that I could do it on my own and I did for 8 years. Then things changed a bit, change positions at my job plus other personal things started happening and I lost my way AGAIN! But I knew who to call and who would welcome me with open arms and a glare in the eye. As he say things happen but we know what needed to be done once again. Another plan and only 6 months this time, I am back on track and loving it.

    Thank you Gary

  • by John Skier on Mar 01, 2019

    I've been working with Gary for 5 years off and on. Gary could easily be considered a personal health engineer. Gary listens to your goals, observes your limitations and abilities and builds a plan to help you achieve your goal(s). Gary works one-on-one and when your not one-on-one he's sending information that can help you along your journey. He measures where you start, your progress and set backs. He's always encouraging. He's always prepared with a work out plan that changes things up while consistently moving you to your goal. If the situation he changes the plan to fit the situation. Gary's loves and lives what he does. If you want to train for a Marathon, 5K, 10K, Loose some weight, improve heart health Gary will work with you to achieve your objective.

  • by Marcus Patterson on Jan 22, 2018

    I've known Gary for about two years now. He's very smart and knows what he's talking about when it comes to fitness. I would recommend him if you need a personal trainer.

  • by Sue Alder on Jan 05, 2018

    I've known Gary for about 10 years. And over those years, I've had the opportunity to train with him. He has never disappointed. There is a HUGE difference between a certified trainer and someone who gives themselves the title, yet has never been certified in fitness training. Gary is kind, considerate, knowledgeable, professional and very patient. He spends time getting to know you, what your strengths & weaknesses are, your motivation and goals. Then designs a program to help you reach those goals. He's your #1 cheerleader. I was coming off some negative trainer experiences when I met Gary and after working with him, it was such a positive experience, I cannot say enough good things about him and his approach to personal training. You will not be disappointed...

  • by Dennis M on Jun 03, 2015

    I've known Gary for over 25 years and can honestly say he lives his life and fitness values with an unwavering commitment to excellence in everything he sets out to do. When I turned 50, my doctor told me to drop 40 pounds so I called Gary for some motivation, structure and accountability. I was not disappointed and reached my goal in just over 6 months. His coaching and encouragement were invaluable to my progress and I know I would not have succeeded without his mentoring. Spend 15 minutes with him and his passion to help and expertise to guide you will be obvious. Few people have the ability to inspire others in a one on one setting to achieve meaningful, personal goals. Gary is one of the few!

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