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Where are some of the best places to advertise your new business?

6 Answers | Asked by Renee Chatham on Feb 03, 2014

Answered by Eva Scott on Feb 04, 2014

Hi Renee, look up www.meetup.com! You can post your boot camps for a little fee and maybe offer the first time free. I am pretty sure you'll get responses. Good luck, Eva

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What are some hamstring and quads exercises for client with bad knees due to RA.

6 Answers | Asked by Kerry Walsh on Jan 20, 2014

Answered by Eva Scott on Jan 21, 2014

Hi Kerry, anything seated is better than standing or walking too much as it unloads the knee joints. If there is a pool available that would be great. In addition to the already mentioned exercises you could try to do a "sitting-down/standing-up" (or box squat) exercise with a stable chair or ben...

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