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what to say to prospects who are delaying training

8 Answers | Asked by Juliet Gould Scanlan on Feb 05, 2016

Answered by Eric Sarra on Feb 09, 2016

I've jokingly asked, "Well what's stopping you?". Most individuals say their body isn't ready for the 'rough and tumble' personal training routine. But then you can invite them to 1, 2, or 3 free sessions and show them that it isn't a cookie cutter program, but a tailored experience for the individu...

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What to charge for large group training class at a hotel conference

6 Answers | Asked by Erica Mitchell on Jan 20, 2016

Answered by Eric Sarra on Jan 21, 2016

Hello Erica, Statistics show only 20% of Americans hold a gym membership of some kind and only a smaller portion of Americans regularly workout. So to be conservative, thinking only about 25-30% of individuals would show up, so 50-65. If you flip the script, and think to charge just a nominal ...

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Seeking An Online Personal Trainer/Coach

4 Answers | Asked by Joseph Cannon on Jan 18, 2016

Answered by Eric Sarra on Jan 21, 2016

I can answer Joe! Thanks for the opportunity!

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