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Medina, OH 44256

Bio: Gymnastics has been part of my life for over 30 years – basically, as far back as I can remember. As a former child gymnast myself, I love working with children and instilling confidence through our sport.

In 2018, my lifelong dream was realized when I opened the Dominique Moceanu Gymnastics Center, which is a center for instructional gymnastics, gymnastics camps, yoga and more. This dream lay dormant in my heart for many years until the perfect opportunity presented itself in October of 2017. While researching for a land investment, I stumbled upon a perfectly-sized 12,000 square foot facility ideal to bring this dream to life.

After finding the ideal facility. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and began investing my time and energy into researching the facility’s potential. Once confident I could make this concept work, I created an ambitious business plan to launch and implement a gymnastics center that would be effective and successful while being a safe and enjoyable place for the young athletes.

My husband Mike and I are excited to share our vision with the local community, and with all who visit us and are part of our program. We feel our facility will be a positive addition to the community and a fun and efficient center to do gymnastics and yoga safely.

With my name on the front of the building, it means everything to me to have a gym of the utmost integrity and that puts the wellbeing of its athletes first – at all times! I will be overseeing every program and working closely with all staff to see to that! Additionally, I run our summer gymnastics camp as Camp Director. In May, 2018 I'm adding “Certified Yoga Instructor” to the titles on my resume, and with that addition, I’ll be officially able to perform every job in my facility!

I’m a proud mother of two children, Carmen and Vincent, and wife to Dr. Michael Canales. I’m also an author, motivational speaker, and advocate for safety in youth sports.

YOGA Bio: From Olympic gold medalist to…yoga instructor! Gold medal-winning Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu is bringing her talents to a different kind of mat.

Dominique has practiced yoga since 2015. It simply started with changing up her workout routine with something different (yoga) to see if it was a good fit for her. Sure enough, yoga exceeded her expectations and she fell in love with the amazing benefits for her mind, body and spirit. Coming from the background of having been a high-level athlete, it had become hard to find an aspect of her exercise and training routine that filled that void of challenging herself…until yoga came along, and provided a structured challenge for her in a class.

In 2018, she decided to get her 200-hour RYT certificate to begin teaching yoga and sharing her experience with many. She was inspired to bring the joy and peacefulness of yoga to others. Applying her knowledge and strength from the sport of Gymnastics to the centering practice of yoga made perfect sense. Being able to thrive with the steady challenges of balance, flexibility and strength in yoga is what provided Dominique with her innovative idea to create a class that combines the elements of power yoga and gymnastics called Gym Yoga!

Considering the hustle and bustle of everyday life, yoga allowed Dominique to slow down, breathe, meditate and release stress on the mat. The amazing thing is that while practicing gymnastics may end for many, yoga doesn’t have to. It can in fact, be a seamless transition.

Yoga has inspired new spark in Dominique’s life, which has transcended into a newfound appreciation for mental clarity through meditation and yoga practice. Meditation is something she never practiced much of prior to her yoga teacher training, but it has allowed her to explore new possibilities of peacefulness and mindfulness. Yoga has been a continuous world of self-discovery. Just when Dominique thought she knew so much about herself, yoga taught her to be even more explorative and has accelerated a world of personal growth.

“Even if you’ve never tried yoga before,” explains Dominique, “I recommend giving it a try. Explore the wonders of finding yourself on the mat. It will allow you to become more self-aware and immediately feel the amazing health benefits for your mind and body.”

Dominique loves yoga so much that she wants to share it with as many individuals as possible and that is why she has built a yoga studio inside her new gymnastics center -- making it a unique facility. Check it out for yourself! Join the yoga life, and take a class with Dominique and her yogi team!

Motto: Do everything with excellence! - Dominique Moceanu

Why I love coaching: I love inspiring children to be the absolute best people they can be through the beautiful sport of gymnastics. Whether it’s teaching a backhand spring, a back tuck, or simply giving a word of encouragement to boost someone’s day, it's one of life’s greatest joys to see a child’s eyes light up with the wondrous discoveries of their own abilities. I strive to help bring those moments to the children and see it as a way to connect with them in a meaningful way. Teaching with patience and compassion is one of the greatest gifts anyone give to a child. To be even a small part of a young person’s journey through sport – at any level – is tremendously rewarding. I aim to leave a positive imprint on our students’ hearts from our times together. Providing them with a joyous place to learn, feel safe, laugh, find passion, build confidence and love gymnastics is what this gym is all about! I hope that their time with us is as rewarding for them as it is for me…and that they experience some magic and inspiration along the way.

Fun Fact: I love spinach feta pizza and acai bowls! I am also the youngest gymnast to ever be featured on a Wheaties box at age fourteen!

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