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Hamden, CT 06518-3527

Dave Parise is a Multi-certified, qualified Personal Trainer and a recognized leader in the fitness industry. Mr. Parise is president of “Results plus personal training” in CT. www.resultsplus.com Dave has been voted as one of the Top 100 Personal Trainers in the United States (men’s fitness) Moreover; he has been inducted into the National Fitness Hall of Fame this year as one of Americas Top 20 Personal Trainers. He will be awarded this great notoriety in April 2012.
Dave has 24 years experience in Strength Training, Human Performance, and Exercise Science. He is a medical exercise specialist, and nationally multi certified.
Today, Dave Parise has established his notoriety as the most sought out personal fitness trainers on the east coast. Parise a writer, inventor, and holds two US patents, for his golf bio feedback unit, and a device that breaks adhesion's in the myo sheath of the muscle in turn creates elongation and less stress on joints. His book “Qualified vs. Certified” and “Anatomical Profitability” has helped other fitness professionals learn the science behind proper movements that matter.
Dave also is a national continuing education provider for the national commission of certifying agencies ( organizations who certify personal trainers)
Owner and president of Fit pros personal trainer school…www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com Dave teaches an advanced hands on application program, and certifies trainers.
From the metropolitan opera (lead singers) to dozens of well know VIP’S and celebrities, (Boston, New York, CT) Dave has helped them along with his “Red carpet ready program”
Dave has over 50 exercise videos, has been spotlighted as the fitness consultant for FOX-61, & WTNH NEWS 8. His “nuke 25” program & “wake-up your workouts” aired for 10 weeks. Dave was asked to design a news format for a program he called “fitness Fridays” “the truth about exercises” aired for 10 weeks. Dave was on front cover of golf digest and asked to write articles with many PGA professionals. Men’s health, status CT, IDEA magazine, personal trainer magazine, New York Times, and others.
Over 50 publications, Dave is a writer for over 25 websites, all based on fitness, exercise, and nutrition.
And last he wanted me to say…his passion about being in the trenches, behind the stage, and helping people is really what’s important. Dave truly has a love for what he does, it’s not about passing a test to be a great professional, it’s not about all his accolades, and awards…it about believing in yourself, and never looking in the rear view mirror! The front windshield is wider and clearer!

Dave Parise CPT FPTA MES
E-mail [email protected]
Office- 203-288-8822
Cell- 203-675-5575

PT-edu- www.fitprospersonaltrainingschool.com

Dave Parise 2012 National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee
Dave Parise you are now noted to be a nationally recognized, "Body of Work."

Congratulations Dave Parise from Hamden CT. Last year you were chosen as one of the Top 20 personal trainers in the United States. This year you have been overwhelmingly selected by The National Fitness Hall of Fame's Board of Directors, past Inductee greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger 2005, Tony Little 2006, Douglas Brooks and Keli Roberts 2007, Tamilee Webb, Kathy Kaeler 2008, and Jack Lalane with his lifetime achievement award. Mr. Parise you will be one of those greats to be inducted into The National Fitness Hall of Fame on April 29, 2012.


Sincerely Yours,
John Figarelli, Founder & Executive Director
National Fitness Hall Of Fame www.NationalFitnessHallofFame.com
Minooka, IL.

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Center For Personal Training Results Plus

3013 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT 06518-3527

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Within 75.00 miles of 06518 (Mobile Training Radius)

Center For Personal Training Results Plus

3013 Dixwell Ave
Hamden, CT 06518-3527

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  • Dave Parise 2012 National Fitness Hall of Fame Inductee

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  • by Dave Parise on Oct 20, 2012

    Steve Cotter, Director,
    International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF):
    "I am pleased to endorse Dave Parise for his outstanding Personal Training course at Fit-Pro's Personal Training Academy (FPTA). Dave brings a great deal of practical expertise to the art of teaching personal trainers and physical training. He will show you exactly what you need to do, and will make sure that you are dong it exactly right. For 25 years, Dave Parise has been on the cutting edge, experienced, and is truly in the forefront of the competition!"

    Peter and Kathie Davis, Co-Founders,
    IDEA Health & Fitness Association:
    "IDEA Health & Fitness Association the world’s leading membership organization of health and fitness professionals with nearly 20,000 members in more than 80 countries, highlights Dave Parise of Results Plus and Fit-Pro's Personal Training School in Hamden, CT. For the past 24 years, Dave Parise has mixed attention to detail with an obsessive focus on nurturing and pampering to keep his business fresh and his clients motivated. On the cutting edge, and out-of-the-box attitude gave Dave Parise a spot light in the winner’s circle! Dave Parise has been voted one of the counties premier personal trainers by numerous publications."

    Douglas S. Brooks, MS, Exercise Physiologist,
    Moves International Fitness:
    "Dave Parise is an accomplished teacher and an outstanding educator. His creative and leading edge training methodologies greatly influence how professionals teach and coach their clients/athletes. Dave is on the front edge of the functional training frontier and truly knows how to bridge this new information into practical, useable application. Dave continues to build on his twenty-two years of training and education. His body of work represents a major contribution to the fitness industry!"

    Sandy Todd Webster, Editor in Chief, IDEA Publications:
    "Dave Parise of Fit-Pro’s Personal Training School and Results Plus has been an IDEA Health & Fitness Association member for over 24 years. He has assisted us as an editorial resource on many occasions and has always represented the industry at large in a very positive light. He has been generous with his time and has done many good things for his community and for the industry in general. I recommend him as an educator, and a provider."

    Cris Poirier, General Manager, Perform Better:
    "As General Manager of Perform Better Functional Training equipment, I cannot express how happy I am with the knowledge that Fit-Pros Personal Training School has to offer. Dave Parise is a 'top notch educator" One thing that stands out the most to employers, fitness directors, and certified trainers is fit-pros ability to help the trainer increase revenue streams by motivating the staff. This increase benefits the trainer as well as the club. Dave has taken common perception to a new level of functional fitness. I recommend the course to anyone who no longer want to be a common trainer. Get ready for an eye opening experience!"

    Fraser Quelch, Director of Training & Development, Fitness Anywhere, Inc.:
    "Dave Parise from Results Plus and Fit-Pros Academy has been an avid supporter of our company, Fitness Anywhere and our TRX Suspension Training program for some time. Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Dave at a major conference in New York City. Dave volunteered to assist me with a number of my presentations at the ECA Fitness convention. I was highly impressed by his ability to be thrown into a series of unfamiliar sessions and provide outstanding education with minimal preparation. I feel that Dave is an outstanding teacher and educator with a profound knowledge of human function. I would recommend anyone who wanted to excel in the personal training industry to work closely with Dave and tap into his wealth of knowledge."

    Response by Dave Parise on Jul 06, 2016

    I am writing this in behalf of Dave Parise. As a Coach/Trainer, I associate with a select group of educators, and coaches. I am the owner of Performance University International, which provides hybrid strength training & conditioning for athletes and professional educational programs for fitness professionals all over the world. There are a select few professionals who have impressed me along my career. Dave Parise from CT. is one of the best in my eyes. Mr. Parise is more than an educator, he is innovative, with the ability to provide hands on “Optimal application” solutions for fitness professionals, and athletes. He has the ability to breakdown today’s questionable/ common exercise practices, and teach safer, more bio-mechanically sound techniques based on principles of joint function. Anyone, from a professional athlete to a fitness enthusiast would do very well to train, and learn under the guidance from Dave Parise.
    Nick Tumminello,
    Performance University International

  • by Dave Parise on Oct 20, 2012

    To Whom It May Concern:

    I am thrilled to write a few words about Dave Parise and my experience after hiring him as my professional personal trainer. As a principal singer at the Metropolitan Opera in New York City I was hired to sing in an opera this year that requires me to fly. I have to wear a harness that is tethered to a wire that carries me up 30 feet in the air. The Metropolitan Opera asked all the singers involved in the production to work on general fitness and especially core strength for the few months leading up to rehearsals. Increasing my strength was important to be able to meet the physical demands of keeping beautiful posture while being suspended by the lower back, as well as the physical demands of singing while flying. I called Dave and he immediately agreed to help me—even designing a mock harness for us to work with during a few of our workouts!

    I was at a healthy weight before I met Dave, but I wasn’t very toned. After working with Dave for just a couple months, I noticed a big difference in my strength and muscle definition. Our workouts were hard, but he kept them interesting and fun. He seems to have found the perfect balance between pushing me to my limit and giving me the encouragement and confidence needed to get through a tough workout. He was always paying complete attention and ensuring that I was using perfect form. I’ve seen personal trainers at traditional health clubs, however Dave was a totally different experience. Dave is true to his motto that "the focus is always on you and only you." I cannot say enough good about Dave Parise.

    Tamara Mumford
    The Metropolitan Opera

  • by Dave Parise on Mar 04, 2012

    David V., Department of Health Services:
    Personal training at it's finest! I have sent over three new clients for Dave Parise and his staff. The facility is far ahead of the standards you might find at the local gym and fitness center. The personal trainers at Results Plus are extremely educated and well worth the fee. This was my third personal trainer from the North Haven area. I feel I found the service and results I demanded at Results Plus. I recommend Dave Parise and all the certified Results Plus trainers to anyone who really is committed to seeing and feeling the difference.

  • by Dave Parise on Mar 23, 2011

    Dear Dave I'm the boss all day and honestly, it's nice to have someone else in charge --it's so much easier that way -LOL !! Jason and all the trainers are just great - - doing exactly what I'm sure you want him to do...totally in tune -- he noticed how fatigued I was last night (and I mentioned I was the same on Saturday) -- and I appreciate you (and the whole Rp team) caring enough to tweak and re-tweak as we go thru this program. Seriously Dave, I'm VERY PLEASED so far with the program...I'm convinced I'm on the right track. Although the scale may not be reflecting it in pounds, it is in inches. -- but it's not like you walk around all day with a scale attached to your leg for the world to see - so, it's really just a number, right?). I'm excited to see the inches beginning to melt away (pants lose etc -- and a little less to pinch here and there). I'll be curious to have the full assessment this week and find out how many inches have been lost and in time the body % of fat decrease....I keep telling myself long and lean is what I'm looking for....scale doesn't matter!!! Truly, I'm having a BLAST every week -- I'm shocked that I am really enjoying the workouts and being pushed and challenged every step of the way. All of the trainers that I've worked with have been extremely helpful, fun and professional....although I feel bad for Jason -- as he's the one who's had the most "fun" trying to get my SOOOOO NOT Coordinated body to move the right way!!! Have a great day Dave!! Amy

  • by Dave Parise on Mar 23, 2011

    Personal training at its finest! I have sent over three new clients for Dave Parise and his staff. The facility is far ahead of the standards you might find at the local gym and fitness center. The personal trainers at Results Plus are extremely educated and well worth the fee. This was my third personal trainer from the North Haven area. I feel I found the service and results I demanded at Results Plus. I recommend Dave Parise and all the certified Results Plus trainers to anyone who really is committed to feel and see the difference. (Hide) name please gag-order

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