Clifton Palmer

Acworth, GA 30101

It was 2001 when I became a fitness Professional. I got tired of seeing friends and family decreasing in health, gaining weight and not living their life the way they wanted. I saw the discontent in their facial expression and hearing it in our conversations and even though I was fit I didn’t know how I could help, after all I was working hard at keeping my health up through a few disciplines. I worked hard through wrestling, martial arts and weight lifting and even though I had my ups and downs I knew I didn’t have the knowledge or true experience to help those in need. It was then I pursued a career in health and fitness.

Since then I have studied with some of the top fitness professionals in the industry, worked with doctors to get patients to a new level of health, worked at some of the best and most recognized fitness clubs such as Equinox Fitness Clubs and earned certifications with ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine), NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine), KBCMNS (KettleBell Concepts Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation Specialist), Precision Nutrition, and the International Youth Fitness Association.

As my knowledge increased I realized how misinformed I was when I started 16 years ago and so were many other trainers that were attempting to help others reach their goals and all I have to say looking back to when I started, there was so much conventional thinking and misinterpretation of science, and unfortunately that really hasn’t changed much. I see many people struggling to reach their health goals; they are putting in that extra effort, pushing daily and not achieving the results they wish. Disease runs rampant while diabetes and heart disease become the norm of today’s society. Everywhere you turn there are new diets that claim it has found the 1 solution that will get you to your best form with “quick and easy” weight loss. I can’t count on my hands how many trends come and gone that claimed the same and showed nowhere near half of what they claimed that lead to overuse and injuries. I’ve seen cardio-kickboxing classes, spin classes, ab devises, Yoo-Hoo disguised as weight loss shakes and I noticed they leave people blaming themselves thinking they didn’t do all they can or followed the instructions to the letter in order to reach their results.

Do those experiences seem familiar to you? That’s what makes me different, my approach. I enjoy seeing my clients reach their goals and beyond and changing their belief so they can reach beyond without me. I understand that if you want to achieve the results you are really looking for you need to change your belief and empower with the right information. I also know that unless you start on a strategic program you’re not going to ever experience the results you’re looking for!

I am a Certified Fitness Professional and movement specialist who promotes change with 16 years experience in the fitness industry. I have developed exercise prescriptions for a wide variety of clientele with a strong background in contextual based and human performance programming. I developed programs for athletes, aesthetics/modeling, pre/post rehab, general fitness, corrective exercise, weight loss, behavioral change, and create innovative training programs geared towards the client for continuous improvement. I bring high quality education from up-to-date research to my clients whether training in their home, work place, gym or outdoors.

In addition to being an adept fitness professional, I am also a Martial Arts teacher (Sensei) and hold a black belt in Koga-ryu Shinobi-no-jutsu. I am a practitioner in Ninjutsu (stealth and evasion), Jujutsu (unarmed defense/art of pliancy), Kobujutsu (traditional weaponry), and Hadaka Korosu (using everyday objects as a self defense implement) and was part of a demonstration team at Aaron Banks “Oriental World of Self Defense” in Manhattan, NY and Alan Goldberg’s “Action Martial Arts Magazine Mega Expo” in Atlantic City, NJ.

Credentials: ACSM-Certified Personal Trainer, NASM-Certified Personal Trainer, KBC-Metabolic and Neurological Specialist, PN - Precision Nutrition Specialist, ECITS-Fitness Professional, Way of the Winds Martial Art - Rokudan 6th Degree Black Belt (Renshi), Basic Life Support (BLS-American Heart Association)

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  • AS, Computer Programming, BCAA

Certifications / Trainings

ACSM - ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Expires: Dec 31, 2021
KBC - Level 2: Kettlebells for Metabolic and Neurological Adaptation (KBCMNS Specialist)
PN - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified
NASM - Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)
Expires: Aug 29, 2018
IYCA - Youth Fitness Specialist
Agency Unavailable

CPR Certified

BLS Health Care
Expires: Oct 20, 2018

AED Certified

BLS Health Care
Expires: Oct 20, 2018

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Palmer Fitness Dynamics

Within 25.00 miles of 30101 (Mobile Training Radius)

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$75.00 / hr

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Cash, Credit Cards, Personal Checks

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  • Inducted into the 2009 Martial Arts Hall of Honors
  • Thumbtack 2015 Athletic Trainer of the Year

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