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How many times a week on average does a client see their personal trainer?

9 Answers | Asked by Jessica Sims on Jun 03, 2016

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Jun 03, 2016

Jessica, Twice a week is very common. Although we encourage clients to workout at least three x a week. Depending on clients budget, you can recommend twice with you and once on their own. Most prefer to work out with their trainers. Twice is nice but three is best! Thank you, Christina Cotsiopou...

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Why have I stopped/really slowed down with my weight loss?

21 Answers | Asked by Gus Aguirre on Jun 21, 2011

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Jul 09, 2014

Hi Gus, your training sounds like you right on. I am not a big supplement supporter, protein shakes are not a meal. I have taught 2 successful weight loss classes and found that eating as natural as possible is the key. Start your morning example; fruit, oatmeal, egg whites. Processed food will e...

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I need a list of exercises for seniors

6 Answers | Asked by Betsy Phillips on Sep 07, 2011

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Nov 13, 2013

Hi Besty, Everyone is at different levels of fitness, young or older adults does not matter. During assessment yes ask questions. If there have been any surgeries in the past what meds if they are using any. Rom ...the list goes on. After the assessment you can take it from there and see what is ap...

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what type of warm up/stretches do you use for small group classes

8 Answers | Asked by Melissa Sigler on May 21, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on May 22, 2013

Hi Melissa, In one of our Free Motion Circuit Classes. They will walk the track for 10 minutes then we begin our circuit training. In our other circuit class I will have them do large arm circles, lunge from side to side, toe can add whatever you like it's up to you. Each circuit shoul...

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Is it ok to exercise with a rotator cuff injury as long as what your doing doesn't cause pain/discomfort or should you rest it?

9 Answers | Asked by Heidi Bodenheimer on Apr 24, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Apr 25, 2013

Hi Heidi, Rest, rest, the shoulder. If you have not seen a physcian yet, maybe it would be the next step you would want to take. Meanwhile, continue cardio minus anything that would include using motion to your rotator cuff. Take care hope you recover quickly. Christina

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upper trapezius strain

6 Answers | Asked by Dan Kuss on Apr 22, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Apr 24, 2013

Hi Dan, One of the best self help would be self- myofascial release foam wonders for knots in area that is tight. Another would be a tennis ball, you would put the ball in area that mostly needs it. You can do this on the floor, with a towel placed under your head. Or you can try aga...

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What are some physical activities that use both sides of the brain?

13 Answers | Asked by Michele Dorszynski on Mar 22, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Mar 23, 2013

Hi Michele, Using med ball threading ball between legs in figure 8 position one direction then reversing to other direction. Using Bosu balancing and raising one leg laterally then the other. Progressing to dumbells, bicep curls while raising one leg at a time and keeping balance. The list is endle...

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What is the best exercise program, for older adults

19 Answers | Asked by Delmar Carey on Oct 17, 2012

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Mar 04, 2013

Hi Delmar, With an assessment you can find out what range of motion your client has and what injuries, past and present. Slow stretches are sooo important. And cool down the same. 1-3 sets are great with high reps in the beginning. Also, with a new exercise its always good to ask a rating of exerti...

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How are you celebrating National Recreational Sports and Fitness Day?

9 Answers | Asked by KewlFit Belin on Feb 22, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Feb 23, 2013

Never heard of it ...wish we had a heads up.

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How do you have a healthy boundary with a client who wants to be friends with you (movies, coffee)?

11 Answers | Asked by Denise Shaw on Feb 20, 2013

Answered by Christina Cotsiopoulos on Feb 21, 2013

Hi Denise, My suggestion to you is to not to hang out with clients. Make it easier for yourself and keep clients @ the studio. This will make for happier clients and a happier you. Take Care, Christina

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