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Pompano Beach, FL 33064

Chris Ruden started Adapt Wellness Personal Training to help people overcome any adversity in their lives by building confidence through exercise. His goals are your goals in that he will never give up until you are happy. He has helped countless people lose weight, build muscle, function better, and feel confident. He is no ordinary gym rat turned trainer though because he manages to do all this
with a physical disability AND type I Diabetes. Here is his story:

Due to complications at birth, I was born with only seven fingers and a shorter left arm. Though the Doctors said my arm would never really function properly, I never gave up. I knew at an early age I could not do some of the things other kids could do but I adapted to everything. I learned how to do change things so that I could do them as well. I played basketball, foursquare, and really learned to live with my condition.

Later in life I needed a challenge, a challenge that would test my ability to adapt both physically and mentally. I set my mind on 3 things: Drumming, Break dancing, and fitness. I stuck a drumstick through a glove finger hole and got lessons. I learned quickly and played the next 4 years on my high school’s drum line, winning countless competitions. I also learned to break dance at U4ria dance studios. They took the time to help me modify ways to do moves and everything was great until I realized I needed to get stronger. That’s where fitness entered my life.
My first day at the gym was like a 12 year old entering an executive stock market meeting- I had no clue what I was doing. All the machines were made for people with symmetrical limbs. I soon learned to adapt and use different fixtures to help me out. I really was working out hard until I discovered I had late onset type I diabetes.

Undoubtedly one of the hardest adversities I had to deal with, diabetes was hard to control at first. I didn’t really know about nutrition or health in that area. I remembered a friend recommended me becoming a personal trainer and at that instant, I set a goal. I studied and studied until I passed my NASM exam. I changed my major to exercise science and have been fascinated by exercise and nutrition ever since.

I’m proud to say I have showed people adversity can always be beaten. I adapt every day in order to live my life and I love showing people how to do the same thing. I can bench press 60lbs over my body weight, breakdance, and play drums better then most people who are “normal”. My passion is unmatched, my drive is unrivaled, and my motivation is looking in the mirror every day and not seeing a disability any more, rather an adaption that I have conquered!
Life is all about adapting. Are you ready to Adapt?

Hey, my name's Chris. I'm a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. I'm also in college for exercise physiology and health promotion. I was born with a physical disability and diagnosed with diabetes. I had to adapt to overcome my hardships and progress in life. Adapt Wellness is a company I started and train under. My aim is to teach people how to adapt to their adversities and hardships to achieve a desired goal.

Contact me if you would like to get healthy, sculpt your body, and be proud of how you look, function, and feel! I can help you overcome any hardship you have from over-weight to weight gain and chronic diseases( diabetes, CHF etc) to disabilities. **I CAN CHANGE YOUR FUTURE** Don't be embarrassed to contact me, or afraid you cant afford it.....YOU CAN'T AFFORD NOT TO!!!!

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  • Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Florida Atlantic University
  • Exercise Science & Health Promotion, Florida Atlantic University

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Adapt Wellness Personal Training

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Adapt Wellness Personal Training

Within 50.00 miles of 33064 (Mobile Training Radius)

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$50.00 / hr, $60 with MAT $40 if you join the challenge

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  • by Melody Smith on Nov 08, 2012

    I came to Chris in September '12 with a lot of apprehension about my abilities considering my lengthy list of injuries. He has supplanted that apprehension and replaced it with confidence. I am training for the Tough Mudder Miami, something I never thought about doing, but his passion for fitness is intoxicating and you will begin to absorb that and challenge yourself in fitness and in other areas of your life. I walk away from every session smiling because he has renewed my sense of self. I am very stubborn and difficult to train and by some miracle he gets the job done. I have never met a fitness professional so ardently dedicated to the practice. I definitely wouldn't be able to do what I can do NOW, and it's only November. Completing the Tough Mudder will be my ultimate thank you to him for his time, energy and patience. There isn't a better trainer.

  • by Stacy Marineau on Nov 07, 2012

    I am an aspiring figure competitor, competing for the first time in March. Chris Ruden has been training me for about 3 months now and he deserves all 5 stars that i just gave him! I have never felt better or looked better in my life. Every goal that i have had he has pushed me to achieve along with motivation, drive, and support! He is also incredibly certified and always has an answer to my questions, backed with proof. He provided me with a meal plan, a training program, and pays close attention to my success. Chris is the reason that i will be more then ready come March. There isn't a better trainer or friend out there! I am team Adapt Wellness ALL THE WAY!