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For Group Ex Instructors or Coordinators: How do you teach new instructors to cue on the 32 count?

8 Answers | Asked by Anne Garrett on Jun 14, 2012

Answered by Charla Truesdale on Jun 20, 2012

At one time, ACE offered a wonderful Practical Trainer Program for Group Fitness Instructors, which I had the pleasure of facilitating for several years. All of the suggestions I offer here, I credit to that program (although my description may vary slighty from the original). Also, as suggested b...

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Are you familiar with ACE new Integrated Fitness Model?

7 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali on Jul 14, 2011

Answered by Charla Truesdale on Jul 18, 2011

Joanne, I was so pleased to see the IFT model included in the new ACE Personal Training manual and have begun using it with all of my clients. Over the last 20 years, I have attended many conferences and continuing education workshops that have addressed a lot of the concepts in the model, and I ha...

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Can yoga be "just" exercise or must it be more?

17 Answers | Asked by Megan Senger on Jun 27, 2011

Answered by Charla Truesdale on Jun 27, 2011

Many (maybe most) new yoga students in our American culture decide to try a class because they have heard about the physical conditioning and/or stress relieving benefits it can provide. We certainly want to make yoga accessible to everyone, so if "exercise" is what brings a new student in, that is...

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