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New Castle, PA 16101

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Brian Rozzi. I am a degreed physiologist specializing in women's heath care and fitness. I discovered X-Pound-4 for women. X-Pound-4 utilizes women's urine to determine the proper exercise program for women that will yield very fast result with regard to health and weight loss. No diet is required and no negative side effects. The client can be guaranteed results. However this program is not for all women!!! Sounds skeptical but, not when it is realized that conjugated estrogen from pregnant mares urine has been used for estrogen replacement for women since 1940. Urine can yield much within the physiological process in mammals.
I have published more than 50 articles on women's health and fitness. Personally, I was the U.S.A Drug free Powerlifting champ. Eastern U.S.A. Drug Free Powerlifting Champ. Five title winner in the Drug free Pam Am Drug Free Champ. Fourth in North American Drug Free Champ.
My success as a personal trainer utilizing X-pound 4 (or concepts of) has also yielded many champs. Ms. Pennsylvania, Runner Up Ms. New York, Ms, Hawaiian Tropic, Ms. Natural U.S.A. , Pennsylvania State Archery Champ and, many women who sought to improve their health and reduce there weight. They are all winners! In addition using X-Pound 4( or concepts of) I have successfully rehabilitated or enhanced many professional athletes performance as well as amateurs athletes. From figure skating to volleyball I trained them all.
I have worked with women and children ages 5 to 95. Handicapped women vision impaired and hearing impaired etc... I have rehabilitated women from surgery from knee to double mastectomy and so on.
I have also worked with women with many auto immune disease such as M.S., osteoporosis, Myasthenia conditions, lupus, arthritis (rheumatoid) etc...
With physicians approval, I have worked with an endless amount of pregnant women during pregnancy as well as postpartum.
Part time, I am an adoption consultant for Adoptions From The Heart assisting individuals with adoptions domestic and abroad.
My fitness studio is trademarked as Dark Horse Fitness( or ( or ( or call 724-6541188. if your sincere please leave message, I will call. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT X-POUND-4 IS TRADEMARKED. ANY INFRINGEMENTS ON THE RIGHTS OF X-PPUND-4 WILL BE ABRUPTLY DEALT WITH!!!

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