Benjamin Hill Bey

Bronx, NY 10453

In 1969 I began my Martial art training at the age of 5 with Shotokan Karate. At 9 years old I was introduced to Monkey style kung fu. Between 12 and18 years of age, I learned Northern Praying Mantis with Tony Chu and I also learned Eagle Claw with Leung Shum. From Leung Shum, I became very skilled in Chin Na. (Locking Skill). From 1980-1996, I trained Ba-Gua with Kenny Gong. After 2yrs of Ba Gua 5 days a week and Eagle Claw on the weekends, at 20 years of age I devoted my life to Ba Gua. I spent 17 years with Kenny Gong Learning Jiang Rong Qiao Style Ba Gua Zhang in which I’m certified. In 1992 I met and began to learn The Cao Branch of the Yin Fu Style Ba Gua with Successor Chen Xiao Ping for 5yrs. From 1995-97 I also studied under Famed Shi Pei Qi and Ha Jin Bao of the Yin Fu style of Ba Gua Zhang as taught by Men Bao Zhen .I also studied with Lou De Xu (Eric Lou) of the Gao Style Ba Gua Zhang (94-95) and Lin Chao Zhen of the Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang for 2yrs (92-94). I served as the NY Representative of Johnny Kwan Ming Lee – Fu style (94-95).
1992 – I Developed and taught the Martial arts program for the Pilot School for the Beacon Centers of New York after school Program.
1993 – Taught Ba Gua Zhang at the YMCA & DAYA Center (NY)
1994 – I was certified by Xia Ba Hua (Beijing San Shou President) as a Judge and Referee. (San Shou – Free Fighting)
1994 – Created and Opened The Ba Gua Zhang Research & Boxing Association International. An organization created for the preservation and promotion of this art.
1995 – 97 Students began competing in tournaments such as THE SUMMER BASH, and the annual WONG FEI HONG. ETC… Tournaments, Open Hand, Weapons and Fighting.
1997-99 I Taught at Morehouse University where I taught a children’s class and a woman’s self-defense class as well as a public class on the grounds until 1999.
1997- Hosted and promoted Master Shi Pei Qi’s (Ba Gua) very successful Visit to the US for his annual weeklong workshop.
1996 – 99 - I worked for Motown Universal, Doing Security and Bodyguard/Driver.
1999- 2005 Head Judge of the Internal Division (Tai Chi, Xing, I Ba Gua Zhang) of the annual WONG FEI HUNG NATIONAL TOURNAMENT.
2000 – 03 I began teaching Traditional Martial Arts at Syracuse University.
2000-06 – Taught Self Defense at Westcott & Southwest community Centers in Syracuse, NY
2000-03 – Created and hosted the 1stAnnual all Ba Gua Zhang Tournament, An international event.
2000-09 I conducted various workshops and seminars in Phoenix, AZ, Upstate NY (Syracuse, Saratoga Springs, Rochester, Oneonta,) Atlanta, GA, Jersey city, NJ
2004-06 Taught Qi Gong (Breath/health) At Onondaga Community College and Worked on an accredited Martial arts based program with School Officials
2010- Published First Book “Ba Gua Zhang A Historical Analysis”
2010 – Student won the MUSU (Traditional Martial Arts Fighting Tournament)
2011-Co-Founded the Ba Gua Shing-Yi Chuan Association where I serve as the East Coast Director, Promoting the teachings Of My Sifu, The Late Great Internal Arts Master Kenny Gong.
To Date I have been in the Martial Arts field for 45yrs. I have also received many awards and certificates for my contributions to the Martial Arts.
Currently I’m in the process of writing my second Book.

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