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We like to hold monthly events in our studio; any successful ideas out there?

9 Answers | Asked by Rachel Koester on Sep 01, 2011

Answered by Barbara Bowman on Sep 01, 2011

I've not done this but I had an orthotic & prosthetic business that specializes in the diabetic population tell me they get a lot of business by speaking to diabetic associations in the area. I'm not sure what all they did, shoes, compression socks etc. A good combination would be how exercise can h...

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Chocolate Milk as Post Workout Nutrition?

14 Answers | Asked by John Arenas on Aug 31, 2011

Answered by Barbara Bowman on Aug 31, 2011

I read an article just last night in this months Oxygen magazine about milk as a post workout recovery drink. "The protein in cow's milk is highly effective in repairing muscle tissue damage. The key seems to be the unique combination of whey protein, which acts rapidly on the muscles to launch the ...

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Do you ever create challenges for your clients to participate in?

7 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Jul 19, 2011

Answered by Barbara Bowman on Jul 19, 2011

I create challenges or games in my boot camp style classes. Every one seems to have fun with it but I do have to be careful some people can be really competetive and hurt themselves or someone else. I'll do group games and try to put less atheletic with more atheletic people to even out the odds. I ...

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I'm taking over a timeslot with a new class format....Any suggestions on how to "win" them over?

11 Answers | Asked by Rebecca Garity on Jul 13, 2011

Answered by Barbara Bowman on Jul 13, 2011

From the Book "Cream Rises" people remember the first thing and the last thing they did in class so make those two things fun. I lead boot camp style classes so I can do play ground type games, lot's of times we finish with a relay race of some sort. Google "ice breaker games" for ideas. Good Luck.

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