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Anthony B. James is currently a Director of the Native American Indigenous Church Inc., or NAIC. NAIC is an incorporated Native American Church in the State of Florida. Dr. James is an NAIC recognized Medicine Man and is authorized to conduct all Native American and indigenous spirituality ritual, sacraments and ceremony to honor and respect Grandmother Earth (Matriarchal), Grandfather Sky (Patriarchal) and all of their descendants. The practicing of American Native indigenous spirituality is understood off and on Federally Recognized Indian Reservations as the Native American Church, which has been granted exclusive federal laws to recognize the spiritual ceremonies and to protect and maintain access to their sacred ceremonial grounds. American Native Spirituality has historically utilized Grandmother Earth’s minerals and plants to commune with the spirit world to assist their healing and personal empowering ceremonies. Anthony James has an extensive background and history in Native American and Indigenous Medicines. (Sacred Medical Order of the Knights and Church of Hope, Native American Indigenous Church: Integrated Auxiliary of the Priory of Saving Grace a registered Priory of the Sacred Medical Order of the Church of Hope/ Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem)

Certified Lanna Style “Tok Sen” Practitioner • Lanna Thai Traditional Medical School • Chiangmai, Thailand • April 9th. 2019

Jibarro Taino Borekin symbolDr. James is also an adopted member of the Jibarro Taino Borekin Tribe and Indigenous Nation of Puerto Rico, recognized as a tribal medicine man and licensed under the Taino Nation as a Traditional Medicine provider in accordance with both Tribal and Puerto Rico Department of medicine rules.

Aachan, Anthony James is Founder of the SomaVeda College of Natural Medicine and it’s physical school The Thai Yoga Center and the NAIC/ SMOCH/ AAPNA, Accredited school of natural and spiritually based healing arts and sciences. The Thai Yoga Center is a State of Florida DOE compliant degree granting institution. We are also FSBMT/ NCBTMB Category A Approved Providers for Massage Therapy Continuing Education. Aachan, Dr. James is currently volunteering and offering his instructional time free of charge as a public service. This past year (2018) he donated over 70 full and or substantially reduced tuition scholarships to deserving students with plans to offer scholarship training to an additional 100 professional students in (2019). For details on the full and or reduced tuition scholarships for SCNM: Thai Yoga Certification Programs Click Here!

Award “Pro Merito Spes” ( Order for Rewards of Hope). The award of merit was conferred by the SMOCH (Sacred Medical Order of The Church of Hope) Missionary Diocese of the Iglesia Catolica del Oriente en Brasil, Latinoamérica y Caribe (Holy Apostolic Orthodox Catholic Church of the East in Brazil). June 10th, 2017.

Ayurveda of Thailand wins 2017 eLit Silver Medal Award, Best New Age, Body-Mind-Spirit category.

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  • MD, Alternative Medicine , Pan American University
  • PhD, Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Medicine, Pan American University
  • Master's Degree, Clinical Herbology, Pan American University

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  • Veda Vyasa, AAPNA, Award 2017: Best Ayurveda Textbook 2017

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