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what is the best nutrition education and/or certification?

4 Answers | Asked by bob mack on May 05, 2015

Answered by Andrew Eaton on May 13, 2015

An additional resource is Precision Nutrition. This is a college-level course that is delivered via textbook, workbook, and online video. Quite thorough and practical in its programming and delivery. Information is available on the company website here:

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Would you consider "Aerobic Classes" as a dated term?

19 Answers | Asked by Serena Pharr on Aug 03, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Feb 14, 2012

If we take the definition of 'aerobic' literally, we wouldn't be teaching much. "Aerobic" activity is defined by the body meeting its need for oxygen, in which case, cooking classes, Spanish lessons, and a nice game of canasta would all qualify. I believe we've reached a point that we should be na...

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Why do trainer's feel like they have to be a jack of all trades? Looking for a trainer on here within a niche' to refer to.

18 Answers | Asked by Rachel Baker on Jul 09, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jul 18, 2011

When I started out 20 years ago, I was in a large, upscale gym. The bottom line, at the time, was to make as much money as possible, so I focused on developing a very broad knowledge base, so I'd be able to work with any prospect. I think this mentality persists today; trainers don't specialize beca...

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What type of strength moves may be added during boot camp?

6 Answers | Asked by Susan Uylett on Jun 26, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 27, 2011

I presume you're asking about strength moves requiring no equipment. Variations of squats, lunges, step-ups, pushups, planks, pull-ups, and suspended rows are all excellent alternatives. All of these can be done at almost any park. If you need a more specific answer, please feel free to ask! ...

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Should women eat fruit?

24 Answers | Asked by Angela Cordoni on Jun 20, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 20, 2011

In principle, I agree with Jacquline. However, there's a question within the question: 'What is the goal of the woman asking the question?' If the goal is fat loss, then it may be entirely acceptable to limit or temporarily eliminate fruit from the daily intake, for the same reasons that other hi...

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Do you earn more money doing personal training at a gym or doing mobile training?

24 Answers | Asked by Laura Myers on Jun 17, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 17, 2011

The other respondents answers are excellent. I've done both, and either can be lucrative. If you are confident in your ability to attract clients, and don't mind changing locations between every session, mobile/in-home training is for you. It allows you to set your own rates without any overhead. Do...

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What is the best refueling drink? water? gatorade?

11 Answers | Asked by Sarah Smith on Jun 17, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 17, 2011

Hi Sarah, Let me ask a clarifying question; are you asking about rehydrating, or refueling? There's a difference, and I want to be sure I give you the correct information. Thanks, Andrew

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How can I reduce inflammation in the body?

13 Answers | Asked by Jason Davis on Jun 01, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 17, 2011

Simple guidelines to reduce inflammation include limiting corn-based products (high omega-6 content), beer and malt-based beverages (high maltose content), artificial sweeteners (generally increase uric acid production). Simply, most anti-inflammatory effects can be derived from removing inflamm...

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What is the best way to exercise and stay fit when you have a stress fracture and sprained ankle?

8 Answers | Asked by Sherry Moore on Jun 16, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 16, 2011

Hi Sherry, Sorry to hear about your injury! If you have access to a pool, interval swimming might be just the thing. Few people whom I've met apply interval training to swimming, but the clients to whom I've recommended it love it. A simple example, swim three lengths at a moderate pace, then go ...

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What's the best way to market myself as a relatively new fitness professional who's over 50?

11 Answers | Asked by Sharon Bloom on Jun 16, 2011

Answered by Andrew Eaton on Jun 16, 2011

Actually, Sharon, I think you have a great opportunity to market to 'boomers' in your area; many 40+ individuals prefer not to work with a younger trainer, because the trainer is less likely to be able to relate to any age-related health issues. My first recommendation is to decide whom, specificall...

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