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How do you guys feel about putting up your pricing on your website??

21 Answers | Asked by ALI ATTAR on Jul 25, 2012

Answered by ALI ATTAR on Jul 25, 2012

i totally agree that the best way to show how much your services are worth is by having your prospects face to face with you, but then in the eyes of a prospect, there is a higher percentage of people that like to see what we offer and then decide to either come in or not rather than come in, be put...

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How do I convince my clients not enough calories is as bad as too many calories?

16 Answers | Asked by Nicole Barr on Aug 04, 2011

Answered by ALI ATTAR on Jul 23, 2012

Hi Nicole, i always use analogys when it comes to eating with my clients.i had a client once not eating enough in fear of gaining weight. i simply told him this; take your metabolism as a flame and you want to keep that flame burning, the good food that we take in will be like wood...

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What is the best diet to stay slim yet maintain lean muscle mass?

14 Answers | Asked by Celso Garcia on Jun 28, 2012

Answered by ALI ATTAR on Jul 23, 2012

Hi Celso first of all getting lean means getting your muscles fired since abs are made in the kitchen, i will tell you my perspective on nutrition. choosing the foods are going to be key, yes you need your proteins carbs and fats, here is how i choose my foods, you pick your lean prote...

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What is the most preferred personal training and nutrition certification?

12 Answers | Asked by Linda Okwor on May 29, 2012

Answered by ALI ATTAR on Jul 23, 2012

Hey Linda, there are many certifications to choose from, but i researched a lot before i chose my mine, and i went with NPTI, it is not well known "yet" but what i like about it was that there is a lot of hands on experience. you have your theory part, your nutrition and your gym s...

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