Sleep Science for Fitness Professionals

by Beverly Hosford, MA

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Your clients can't meet their fitness goals if they're overtired. Hormones stand in the way of energy, weight loss and muscle repair. This session will provide information about healthy sleep habits (beyond a bedtime routine), research and strategies. We'll talk about influential hormones and debunk common sleep myths (like getting 8 hours a night). Better sleep supports you, your clients and your business.

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Available Course Credits

AASFP 0.10
ACE 0.10
ACSM 1.00
AFAA 1.00
AFPA 1.00
CHEK 1.00
FAI 1.00
IFPA 1.00
ISSA 1.00
NAFC 0.10
NASM 0.10
NCCPT 1.00
NCSF 0.50
NESTA 0.10
NETA 1.00
NFPT 0.25
NSPA 1.00
PAI 1.00
PTIA 1.00
REPs UAE 1.00
W.I.T.S. 1.00

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About the Presenter

Beverly Hosford, MA

Beverly Hosford, MA IDEA Author/Presenter

I live in the mountains of Montana with my two dogs, two boys and husband. I'm currently most fascinated with sleep science and circadian rhythm but always love teaching anatomy with my skeleton Andy and talking business. I'm the author of Fitness Career Freedom: Align with your path and get ahead and the founder of Andy's Online Anatomy Program. I enjoy helping fitness and wellness professionals find alignment in both their bodies and businesses. Visit to watch action-oriented, inspiring videos about career, business, anatomy and body awareness.