Make Your Barre Classes a "HIIT"

by Tricia Murphy-Madden

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Fusing barre and HIIT together creates a powerful workout that answers the call for more purposeful training in the group fitness environment. In this video, we'll address two vital elements of physical training by combining one of the only formats that addresses true muscular endurance (barre) with a modality that has been shown to greatly enhance cardiovascular fitness (HIIT). In addition to the scientific principles behind these two formats, we'll discuss the history of barre, the evolving trends, and how to be smart about introducing the HIIT experience to your member base.

About the Author

Tricia Murphy-Madden

Tricia Murphy-Madden IDEA Author/Presenter

Tricia Murphy-Madden is a 26-year veteran instructor and education director. She is the national education director for Savvier Fitness and the co-creator of Barre AboveĀ® and the Weight Loss Challenge with over 85 master trainers and more than 4300 trained instructors worldwide. For many years, she was the fitness director for Denali Fitness in Seattle, and she is the co-author and creator of a children's book and fitness program called The ABC's of Exercise. Tricia sits on the IDEA Group Fitness Committee and is known for the numerous programs she developed. She was featured on Exercise TV and in many trade and mass media publications, and has been the featured coach at numerous corporate events. She has contributed and starred in 12 DVDs and has sold over 100,000 units to date.