How Bias Prevents Optimal Client and Business Success...and What to Do About It

by Katrina Pilkington

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As personal fitness trainers, much of our business is working with fellow humans on their health and wellness goals. Our goal is more than likely to reach as many people as we can and make a difference in their lives. However, unconscious bias—which exists in everyone—can limit your ability to positively impact clients and grow your business. In this session, we will dissect what kinds of bias exist in the fitness and wellness space and break down how to understand yours so you can expand your reach and truly elevate your community.

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About the Presenter

Katrina Pilkington

Katrina Pilkington IDEA Author/Presenter

Katrina is a Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Specialist, Nutrition Coach, Group Fitness Instructor, and Wellness Educator also studying to complete her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion to focus on issues related to Health Equity. She holds a certificate in Diversity and Inclusion from Cornell University and the University of South Florida. She also has an Associate of Science Degree in Graphic Design and is a content creator and host of various video series online. Katrina Pilkington is a global wellness educator bridging gaps with Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion through coaching as an adaptable champion of change. Her goal is to lead her community by example and relatability to shift the culture in wellness to be one of belonging and accessible means. Her goal is to use her experience coaching and mentoring to lead her community by example and use relatability to shift the culture in wellness to be one of belonging and accessible means for those who are the most underrepresented and marginalized. Katrina has a passion for working with others to find their deep meaning to take care of themselves inside and out to the best of their ability using the means they have access to. You can visit Katrina at, on Instagram (@fittykat_), Twitter (@fittykat), and Facebook (