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Exercises NOTES

Single Leg Hip Lift


Prone Platform Plank

Planks are one of the most efficient ways to train the core muscles to stabilize the position of the spine. When you add the unstable surface of the platform side of the BOSU balance trainer, you can come up with some very exciting exercise progressions. We're going to start off with just a regular plank. Come up into a plank. Now, what we're looking for here is neutral spine, head and neck lined up, and a nice long position. To progress, do an alternating leg raise. So now we narrow the base of support by taking one foot away and we just alternate that. So that really pulls the obliques into the picture. To further increase the difficulty, bring the opposite knee to the opposite elbow and twist the hips. You want to do about 8 to 12 each side, take a break, and start again.


3-Way Lunge


inverted row

1. Lying under a squat rack.
2. Secure a barbell in the squat rack about3 to4 feet above the floor.
3. Lying under the bar, grab it with a shoulder-width overhand grip.
4. Hang at arm's length from the bar with your legs straight in front of you.
5. Pull your chest to the bar.
6. Pause, then lower yourself back down to the starting position.

Be sure to: Keep your core tight and your head in line with your spine.

You should feel it: Working your upper-back and shoulders.


Platform Push-Up on Knees

This pushup progression using the platform side of the BOSU Balance Trainer strengthens the chest, shoulders, triceps and core. Bring your hands onto the sides of the BOSU and then perform a pushup by lowering the chest in between your hands and pushing back up. Your head and neck are in line with the rest of your spine. To progress, come up onto your toes and then perform the same pushup, but now you've got a much longer lever and it's much more challenging. As a third and final progression, we're going to take away a contact point and cross one foot over the other ankle. Make it really challenging by taking that leg and holding it out to the side.


Squat to Row

1. Begin standing tall,with your hands held out in front and arms straight. 2. Keep the arms straight in front of you, as you squat down, do not pull back on the cable while performing your squat (though it can help you with leverage to squat deep). 3. Once you hit full depth, push through your heels to come back up to standing and as you come up and get to 75% of the way up, drive your elbows back and squeeze the muscles of your back. 4. Pause at the top for a moment while straightening your arms and then repeat!


Supine Triceps Extension on Ball

With tricep extensions supine, start with your shoulder girdle and head supported on the stability ball. Do a good bridge position here where you stabilize through your hips and lower extremities. Raise the dumbbells up directly over your shoulders and keep the upper arm always perpendicular to the floor as you bend your elbows, lowering the weights back towards your head on either side of your face, not directly at your face, and then fully extending at the top. As you do this you have to maintain good stability throughout the whole body with minimal movement of the ball as the weight is lowered and then extended up overhead.


Incline Curls on Exercise Ball

always exit ball by returning to full seated upright position and standing