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Abdominal exercise can be effective at strengthening your core. The key is to use great form. Try these out and get the results you deserve.

Exercises NOTES

Ab Crunches Stability Ball with Feet on Wall

The abdominal crunches done with feet on the wall are done to keep the feet above the hips while we're on the stability ball, which adds an additional dimension of stability because the head is tipped back and the eyes are looking up. Start with your feet up on the wall and your hips and knees flexed to 90 degrees. Interlock your fingers behind your head. As you curl up, do a posterior tilt. In other words, crunch up and then come back a little bit past the horizontal because that will eccentrically load the abdominals a little bit more as you come up and do the concentric contraction.


Obliques Abdominals on Stability Ball with Opposite Knee Lift

Abdominal oblique crunches on a stability ball will create an imbalance between the distribution of stability each time you lift a foot. So raise one foot off the ground and as you do, cross over the opposite side of the body, creating an oblique crunch alternating sides each time and stability of the foot that's still on the floor. You'll also want to minimize the motion of the stability ball as you curl up.


Jack Knife Abdominals with Knees on Stability Ball

The jackknife abdominals using the stability ball is predominantly a sagittal plane exercise that will put a big eccentric demand on the abdominals. Start by keeping the upper body fixed as the knees move to the hands and away from the hands. Get both feet on the ball and put your hands on the floor in a pushup position. From here, draw the ball in towards your chest and as you go back you will need to eccentrically control the weight of your center of gravity, which is around the hips, to keep it from dropping down. Now, if you want to progress this exercise, stabilize on your toes on the ball and as you come up you'll come up and pike, making the lever much longer from the toes to the hips and placing a greater demand on the abdominals as you do this.