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Introduced in 2011, the VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic is designed and directed by leading biomechanics expert, Lee Saxby, to be the ultimate resource in barefoot movement education. Following the success of Saxby’s eBook – Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running – The VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Program launched to certify coaches across the world; specialized to diagnose and correct running form by understanding the science and application of the mental and physical components of runnin... more less
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Term Used for Continuing EducationContinuing Education Credit (CEC)
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DescriptionIntroduction: This comprehensive program, covering both the practical and theoretical components of running, is taught by internationally renowned barefoot running expert, Lee Saxby. Participants will have the opportunity to gain certification in coaching the skill of barefoot running and become part of growing international network of VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches. Teaching Methods: • Hands on experience by analyzing and correcting participants’ personal running technique using the latest video analysis and plantar pressure software • Comprehensive overview of the biomechanics and psychophysiology of running • A coaching template used in conjunction with available diagnostic equipment to analyze and correct running form using coaching cues and drills Program Design: The VIVOBAREFOOT Coaching Program: Barefoot Technique Certification course is designed to be a five day intensive course either as consecutive days or three weekends. Module 1 (Day 1): Running Clinic Analyze and correct current running form Module 2 (Day 2 & 3): Science Clinic Dive deep into the science of the mental and physical components of running Module 3 (Day 4 & 5): Coaching Clinic Visualizing the coaching template and the drills available to correct technique To conclude the program and earn the coaching certificate, participants are required to pass a written exam and submit three case studies where they’ve improved different subjects’ running form through their coaching methods. All participants are held to the highest standards and are not awarded the official certificate until they’ve received an 80% or higher on this rigorous exam. Program Benefits: VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches are free to generate income while marketing themselves with the VIVOBAREFOOT brand. The VIVOBAREFOOT Training Clinic website will direct local customers interested in 1:1 and group sessions to coaches in their area. VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches are extremely well placed to help the growing number of runners of all abilities who want to transition to a natural, injury free running style. All VIVOBAREFOOT Certified Coaches receive a Coaching Program Manual containing presentations from the course, a hard copy of Proprioception: Making Sense of Barefoot Running, DVDs with barefoot training exercises, relevant research and additional readings. Certificates are signed by Daniel Lieberman, Harvard Professor of Evolutionary Biology and author of leading modern day barefoot research.
Course Material Price $0.00 Note: For 5 Full Day Coaching Program
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Exam Delivery Method Online, In Person
Practical Exam RequiredYes
Term Used for Continuing EducationContinuing Education Credit (CEC)
One Hour of Continuing Education Equals0 CEC
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