Merrithew™'s Testimonials

Total Barre™ (Merrithew™)

Merrithew™'s Testimonials

A few of my clients had read about Pilates using a barre and were keen to try it. I felt it would be an interesting adjunct to my teaching, and with the STOTT PILATES principles as a basis, that the Total Barre program would reinforce these in a functional and equally mindful way of moving. Total Ba... more

by Amanda Wynne-Jones

Turnbridge Wells,UK
I did an online search for barre training and when I read about Total Barre™ and Merrithew Health & Fitness™, I knew I could trust it to be a great program. I enjoyed how well put together the course was and especially liked that the choreographed aspect of it as it was easy to learn ... more

by Anke Fruehnman

Oakville, ON, CAN
I really enjoy Pilates and have always been a dancer, so loved the idea of using Total Barre to help others find the joy of dance and movement whether they are a dancer, have never danced, or used to dance. The Total Barre routines are so universal that everyone can challenge and enjoy themselves eq... more

by Julie Gamble

Kitchener-Waterloo, ON CAN
I learned about Total Barre™ while searching online for a fun (and safe) barre training program in the New York area and really liked the way Total Barre stressed creative choreography along with movements that are safe, yet effective. I liked that it is grounded in Pilates principles, and I a... more

by Leslie Berni

Stamford, USA
After reviewing a number of barre classes and having been a former dancer and gymnast, I was looking for a class that could challenge individuals safely while maintaining the Pilates foundation principles. Total Barre™ appeals to the masses while also appealing to former athletes, which is alw... more

by Leslie St. Amant

West Hartford, USA
I have been looking for programs that I could introduce to non-dancers that are safe and effective and give all age groups a positive reinforcement of structure and efficiency, and it had to be FUN! I attended many of the barre classes that are out there and noticed most were generic in form and st... more

by Patricia Rothman

Unionville, USA