I wanted the challenge for both myself and my patients to provide a form of exercise that would be beneficial to all fitness levels - a movement modality that could be incorporated into my day-to-day physiotherapy practice. The STOTT PILATES® method seemed to compliment what I was already teaching my patients in the clinic as a physiotherapist. This was essentially, that it was important to have a strong core in the management of lower back pain. My interaction with clients is different as I am even more confident that I can assist them in injury prevention, treatment and to achieve their long term goals of fitness. This program has enabled me to meet my clients at whatever fitness level they are at and offer them an opportunity to excel. That knowledge alone continues to ignite my passion for STOTT PILATES. As a physiotherapist, I do not only want to be perceived as being able only to mend the injured but to help individuals seek and explore safe exercise options. Choose Merrithew Health & Fitness - it was the best decision that I made. A commitment to excellence.