I got in touch with Pilates already more than 10 years ago. At that moment I was an aerobic instructor and fitness trainer. I was missing an intelligent approach to the movement. Pilates gave me a lot of answers and STOTT PILATES® was just a best school for me. I am convinced that STOTT PILATES is the most complete and best-adapted approach to exercising the human body, and it allows for an infinite number of different exercises. It is a method that fundamentally improves posture and balance by working the muscles that uphold the spine and joints. It is adapted both to high level athletes and amateurs. Not only as a student first, but now also as a teacher, I find this method has very good structure, supported by books and videos of very high quality. STOTT PILATES teaches you to think about the structure of the class, how and why to give modifications to an exercise, and the ability to see and correct what is going with someone’s body. STOTT PILATES is a part of my life; it is my job and my business - I get so many benefits from it and it’s very important for me to share it.