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Merrithew™'s Testimonials

In 2005 I started dancing and was very fit and strong, but lacked flexibility and grace. Pilates was recommended by a dancer friend and since then I haven’t stopped practicing it. I realized it is the perfect complement for any other physical activity. Finally, after two years of taking Pilate... more

by Victoria Scaffino

Mar del Plata, Argentina
I was attracted to STOTT PILATES® training with Merrithew Health & Fitness™ because of their approach to modern biomechanics of the body, the principles and its flexibility to offer exercises and variations specific to the needs of clients. In addition, STOTT PILATES offers more training... more

by Maria Ochakovsky-Gomez

New York, USA
One thing that separates STOTT PILATES from others is the rigor of the curriculum. One cannot become certified without a solid knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics, posture, and the exercises themselves; I was surprised at how much I felt I needed to learn and study in order to become certified! I al... more

by Elizabeth Skwiot

Minneapolis, USA
The fact that the STOTT PILATES® method is based on the latest research in exercise science and biomechanics was what attracted me most. It gives a credibility and safety element to the method that other educators are lacking. The educational materials in all of the Merrithew Health & Fitness&tr... more

by Erica Muller

Royal Oak, USA
I got in touch with Pilates already more than 10 years ago. At that moment I was an aerobic instructor and fitness trainer. I was missing an intelligent approach to the movement. Pilates gave me a lot of answers and STOTT PILATES® was just a best school for me. I am convinced that STOTT PILAT... more

by Marina Buntovskikh

Brussels, Belgium
I wanted the challenge for both myself and my patients to provide a form of exercise that would be beneficial to all fitness levels - a movement modality that could be incorporated into my day-to-day physiotherapy practice. The STOTT PILATES® method seemed to compliment what I was already teach... more

by Sandra Vaughan

Bridgetown, Barbados
I was attracted to Merrithew Health & Fitness and STOTT PILATES, over other educators, because of the high calibre of training, specifically anatomy and the understanding of body movement. I was impressed with the other health professionals that were becoming trained in the program like Chiropract... more

by Shawna Cleland

Hamilton, Canada