Dr. Jason Karp


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Dr. Jason Karp is an a run coach, exercise physiologist, author, and entrepreneur serving the fitness and run coaching industry.
San Diego, CA
Phone Number619-787-4084

Certification/Training Types

DescriptionThe REVO?LUTION RUNNING™ certification, developed by renowned running expert and 2011 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Dr. Jason Karp, is a professional fitness education program for personal trainers, group exercise instructors, coaches, and runners specifically designed to teach fundamental running-specific training principles and provide the required skill and expertise to train runners. At the heart of the REVO?LUTION RUNNING™ certification is its name. Embedded in the name is an acronym for the 3 physiological factors that determine running fitness and performance--Running Economy, VO?max, and Lactate Threshold. You’ll learn all about these 3 factors and a whole lot more when you become certified as a REVO?LUTION RUNNING™ trainer.
Course Material Price $0.00
Exam Price $0.00
Exam Delivery Method
Practical Exam RequiredNo
Renewal Period2 years years
CECs/CEUs per renewal period0
Renewal Fee0
Term Used for Continuing EducationContinuing Education Credit (CEC)
One Hour of Continuing Education Equals0 CEC
CategoryPersonal Trainer, Sports Conditioning, Athletic Trainer