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Recent Certification/Training Group Reviews

Schwinn® Cycling/Stairmaster, Inc. (Schwinn Cycling)

I am trying to verify this cert from one of my instructors and in Club Connect it is showing as "verify pending" please advise.
by Lois Miller 5 days ago

Tai Chi for Health Institute (TCHI)

by Eddie Watkins 22 days ago

Medical Exercise Training Institute (METI)

expired June 30 2021
by Orly Kobi 36 days ago

Cycling Fusion

Looks like an excellent program
by Coco Loftman 42 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

I enjoyed the TBMM-CES a lot and it enhanced my knowledge tremendously as a personal trainer.I noticed many people with bad postures because of the time they spent on using their smartphones and also at work while sitting in front of the computer screen.In doing so,they are more prone to have rounde... more
by Charles Stephen Chan Kam Wan 80 days ago

International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA)

its relay helpful for me :)
by Carl Abbott 91 days ago

International Dance Association (IDA)

I like your workout plane
by Carl Abbott 91 days ago


ALL good
by Carl Abbott 91 days ago

Red Hot Dance Fitness (RHDF)

It's really good.
by Carl Abbott 91 days ago

Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED™

This program is very helps me to stay fit
by Carl Abbott 91 days ago

International Sports Conditioning Association (ISCA)

Good evening IS A my name is Orlando jardine I am disappointed in the release of results through TTFA trinidad and Tobago I'm still Waiting on my results
by Orlando Jardine 123 days ago

San Diego Miramar College (SDMC)

The community feel of the program is amazing, immediately, I was included in the program and given many opportunities to grow. The professors are great and truly care for the betterment of their students and setting them up for success. In just this short amount of time, I have had so many experienc... more
by Courtney Klute 153 days ago

San Diego Miramar College (SDMC)

It is important for me to be an excellent trainer. This program has enriched my practice. Studying on-line via videos format was useful through PTAGlobal but the classes at Miramar have afforded me invaluable hands on experience from highly educated and knowledgeable professors who are experienced t... more
by Kimberly Byrd 154 days ago


I love SS classes , I am teaching for 15 years it is a great class to teach
by Olga Monarrez-Pangburn 160 days ago

San Diego Miramar College (SDMC)

Great programs awesome knowledgeable teachers 100% recommend
by Lylybell Mata 164 days ago

(ISFTA) International Sports & Fitness Trainers Association (ISFTA)

I read a lot about your programmes.
by Ann White 165 days ago


Interesting website.
by Ann White 165 days ago

The BioMechanics Method (TBMM)

I enjoyed studying this course. The reasons that motivated to take it were my kids. As a mom and personal trainer, I noticed that my kids started to adopt strange postures due to the amount of time they spent in their sport. In our case swimming and taekwondo. I wanted to help my little athletes to ... more
by Gabriela Clark 167 days ago

Poliquin Group (Poliquin)

Keep doing work!
by Elisa Razo 167 days ago

Qignition LLC (Qignition)

I really like your post.
by Elisa Razo 167 days ago