NASM's Testimonials

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

NASM's Testimonials

”Life Time Fitness and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) have enjoyed a successful working partnership since 2003. We have worked hand in hand to raise the standard in the fitness industry for personal training. Life Time and NASM share a common vision for quality and consistenc... more

by Jeff Zwiefel, EVP Operations, Life Time Fitness

"NASM has been an unparalleled education provider to myself and my staff. The OPT model has helped us provide our athletes with the best possible training and corrective strategies to keep them on the court." more

by Aaron Nelson, Head Athletic Trainer, Phoenix Suns

"As a strength and conditioning coach, I follow the NASM OPT model guidelines — stabilization, strength and power. Going in any other order is counterproductive. You have to build the pyramid before you can get to the top." more

by Erik Phillips, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Senior VP, SportXcel

"I had been a trainer and in the business for approximately 13 years and carried three other certifications ... They were helpful, but I knew I needed something to augment and enhance my knowledge ... NASM provided this. Due to the educational opportunities and leadership provided by NASM, I have be... more

by Dan Cordell, NASM CPT, PES, CES

"I've obtained numerous certifications from nationally recognized organizations, but NASM is simply the best. NASM has given me scientific, progressive knowledge that I apply to all of my client programs." more

by Patrick Murphy, NASM CPT, PES, CES

"NASM-OPT Training is a huge benefit. It has a cumulative effect on your body. If your body is more receptive every night, it is going to help you over the long term.” more

by Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns

"In the NBA, games lost to injury can be the difference in making the playoffs, retaining home court edge in the post-season or flat out turning a profit in a very competitive industry. NASM has revolutionized our approach to athletic training including everything from injury treatment and preventio... more

by Bryan Colangelo, President & GM, Toronto Raptors