I've been training in Muay Thai for 5 years and have fought in different countries around the world. I've also been a certified personal training through I.F.P.A. for 1 year. I love what I do as a trainer and now as a new gym owner. My passion for Muay Thai and fitness is far beyond what I've ever thought it was going to be. I've been in several different gyms now and have noticed the difference in level of knowledge and training with the certified I.F.P.A trainers and other certified trainers. I am thankful to meet Dr. Jim Bell at a personal training seminar ... he is funny and very knowledged in fitness and nutrition. I would definitely recommend any one to these courses they are not easy but worth the effort, time and money. you will have the knowledge to be a successful trainer. Stay focused and motivated and you will succeed in this business. God Bless.