Healthy-Steps's Testimonials

"I have had a fabulous time learning this fantastic method of incorporating dance, music and exercise as a means of recovery or as a means of maintaining fitness at a level every person can manage. I have never seen anything like it. I am grateful for the time that was spent with us, and the encoura... more

by Michelle G. OTR/L, CLT-LANA

"Thank you for creating Healthy-Steps. The day I returned to work from the training I did an initial evaluation on a post Mastectomy woman with pain and decreased Range of Motion in her arm. For my first treatment I had her do the swim step, the supreme's and showgirl, after the Lymphatic Opening. S... more

by Baylor Medical Center

"My class was a big hit with the Wellness Community Organization. We had 16 women and there was an older woman who had been through 3 battles with cancer and thought she could not exercise because previous attempts at other programs were too difficult, and she said her experience with TLM was like r... more

by BW

"I had the honor of attending the Focus on Healing Workshop and became a Certified Lebed Method Instructor for Adults and Children. I look forward to introducing Healthy-Steps to our patients very shortly. I truly believe this program will not only touch their hearts, but also will provide a fun and... more

by Tamie Vasquez