Family Safety and Self-Defense Institute (FSI)


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Add self-defense training to the services you offer your clients. This program trains you to teach people who have no martial arts experience how to avoid and get away from an attacker. It shows simple ways to buy just a couple of seconds of time to get away, along with common self-defense scenarios.
1088 Mallard Marsh Dr.
Osprey, FL 34229
Phone Number941-539-9623

Certification/Training Types

DescriptionTeach self-defense skills to women, children, and families. You learn simple ways to teach people how to avoid and get away from an attacker, even with no martial arts experience. Program covers self-defense scenarios, along with basic strikes, kicks, and tactics to stay safe. 20 CECs with ISSA.
Course Material Price $0.00 Note: You can pay in monthly installments, too!
Exam Price $0.00
Exam Delivery Method Online
Practical Exam RequiredNo
CategoryBoxing/Kickboxing/Martial Arts