Core-Tex™'s Testimonials

“I absolutely love the Core-Tex. It has been my find of the year this year as it provides for a unique training environment that my clients and athletes love. You can work complete body strength, mobility exercises, reaction, and work in patterns that are hard to replicate with many other moda... more

by Todd Durkin, MA, CSCS

San Diego, CA
“A unique feature, of the Core-Tex that I think I enjoy the most is its ability to move very freely in the transverse plane. It’s also a wonderful tool to utilize to simulate a lot of the things that our body does when it’s airborne. It’s a great piece of equipment that creat... more

by Gary Gray, PT

Adrian, MI
“The Core-Tex is an extremely unique training tool that truly speaks to all facets of human function and performance. From reactive training to whole body integration, the Core-Tex is a perfect way to increase athletic performance and has tangible carry-over into life activities. This is an ev... more

by Michol Dalcourt, Creator of ViPR

Solana Beach , CA
“The first thing I noticed with Core-Tex is how children mastered moves naturally while adults demonstrated more bad motor habits in serious need of correction. Who identified gaps in human abilities and the method to correct them? Anthony Carey, who is a first class innovative leader in fitne... more

by Peter Twist BPE, MSc, CSCS, TSCC-Gold

North Vancouver, BC
"When it comes to balance and stabilization training equipment accept no substitute; the Core-Tex is my favorite tool to train with. It not only challenges my clients to master balance and stabilization, but they have fun doing it. The Core-Tex helps enhance the results I am able to obtain with all ... more

by Bill Sonnemaker MS, PES, CES, CSCS

Atlanta, GA
"The Core-Tex is a revolutionary piece of equipment that can help anyone improve their functional movement capabilities. The Core-Tex uses its unique design to train the body to learn how to decelerate as it reacts, reaches and moves away from it's comfort zone. This is why the Core-Tex is a must ha... more

by Justin Price, MA

San Diego, CA
"Having had the opportunity to train with an early prototype before the Core-Tex was widely available, I knew this product was a winner the first time I experienced it. The Core-Tex challenges the body in unique ways that makes it an important new product for rehab, fitness, and sports performance t... more

by David Weck, CEO & Founder BOSU Fitness, LLC

San Diego, CA
“The core is more than just the abdominals; it truly is integrated into every movement from the great toe up through the cervical spine. There is nothing on the market today that can recruit the core more effectively through all three planes of motion than the Core Tex. Whether the activity is... more

by Chuck Wolf, MS

Gotha, FL
"The Core-Tex is one of the most effective and challenging tools to come into our industry. It encourages the body to react through simply challenging the stabilizing mechanism with gentle, subtle movement. The level at which you can progress these movements is unlimited. It is a powerful tool that ... more

by Ian O’Dwyer, PTA Global Co-Founder

Noosa Heads, AU
"The Core-Tex is a fantastic tool that helps me train in the transverse plane in a unique way. As well as being a surface I can make predictable in three planes, it is also something that my clients love. It's so refreshing to use a piece of equipment that is built around how a client moves; and, ho... more

by John Hardy, Chief Executive and Founder FASTER Health and Fitness Limited

London, UK
"Core-Tex is awesome. I use it as an integral part of my own workouts three times a week. It helps my chronic low back pain stemming from a bicycle vs. car accident. Core-Tex is an important part of the MMA Conditioning Association curriculum. My organization always utilizes Anthony Carey's knowledg... more

by Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA