CI's Testimonials

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CI's Testimonials

"I am so happy that I chose the Cooper Institute Personal Training Education – Online for my CPT studies. What a wonderful, well structured learning experience this has been. You have very effectively shared and articulated a superior level of knowledge, confidence, skill, and experience while bei... more

by Mark Loyacano

Rose Hill, KS
"I wanted to thank each of you for last week's Fire Service Fitness Specialist training. I was highly impressed with the entire staff. It's clear in each case how much you love, prepare for and live your area of expertise. Not only are you all so well-versed in your area, but you were able to pass t... more

by Scott Douglas

Abilene, TX
"I am sure you have heard this before but I just wanted to say thanks for the videos. They greatly help in understanding the joint movements!" more

by Harry McCann

Loganville, GA
"I have learned so much from you and it has been life changing. By the end of the 1st coaching session my clients already feel empowered to make significant changes in their life. Amazing! I feel so thankful to have had my education at the Cooper Institute. Not only do I feel like I received the b... more

by Sondra Lewis

Carrollton, TX
The Camp Gladiator mission statement states: “We will positively impact the physical fitness and ultimately the lives of everyone we come in contact with.” Our mission and the product that the Cooper Institute produce go hand in hand. Camp Gladiator Outdoor Fitness has hired and promoted... more

by Amy Pylant

Dallas, TX