Brass Performance (BP)


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We work with clients through the whole process from start to finish, both creating the necessary structure and managing the outcome. It's about assessing each clients body and making sure I'm doing the most effective program based on current lifestyle, body type, and factoring in personal preferences. We start with the overall design of each program and move into daily communication, helping with meal set-up, checking details of how each client feels with current nutrition and training, and the... more less
180 St Anne's Rd
Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number1.866.314.0344?

Certification/Training Types

DescriptionPersonal Trainer
Course Material Price $0.00
Exam Price $0.00
Exam Delivery Method
Practical Exam RequiredYes
Renewal Period1 year
CECs/CEUs per renewal period0
Renewal Fee0
Term Used for Continuing EducationContinuing Education Credit (CEC)
One Hour of Continuing Education Equals0 CEC
CategoryExercise Physiology, Group Fitness, Nutrition, Personal Trainer, Sports Conditioning, Corrective Exercise, Athletic Trainer